Ornstein-Zernicke correlation length model

Parameter Description Units Default value
scale Source intensity None 1
background Source background cm-1 0.001
cor_length Screening length 50

The returned value is scaled to units of cm-1 sr-1, absolute scale.

Lorentz (Ornstein-Zernicke Model)


The Ornstein-Zernicke model is defined by


The parameter \(L\) is the screening length cor_length.

For 2D data the scattering intensity is calculated in the same way as 1D, where the \(q\) vector is defined as

\[q=\sqrt{q_x^2 + q_y^2}\]

Fig. 93 1D plot corresponding to the default parameters of the model.


L.S. Qrnstein and F. Zernike, Proc. Acad. Sci. Amsterdam 17, 793 (1914), and Z. Phys. 19, 134 (1918), and 27, 761 {1926); referred to as QZ.