What’s new in version 2.2.0

  • Application name changed to SasView
  • New fully customizable Category Manager added for better management of increasing number of models
  • Improved the Grid Window functionality in the batch fitting mode
  • Added a simpler Graph/Plot modification interface
  • Added a new ‘Data Opertaion’ tool for addition, subtraction, multiplication, division, of two data sets.
  • The ‘Sum Model’ editor was extended and renamed ‘Summation and Multiplication’ editor
  • Added more plot symbols options for 1d plots
  • Added improved trapping of compiling errors to the ‘New model editor’
  • Added some intelligent outputs (e.g., Rg, background, or rod diameter depending on the choice of axis scale of the plot) to the linear fits
  • Added more models
  • Fixed a number of other minor bugs

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