Source code for sas

__all__ = ['get_app_dir', 'get_user_dir',
           'get_local_config', 'get_custom_config']

_APP_DIR = None
[docs]def get_app_dir(): """ The directory where the sasview application is found. Returns the path to sasview if running in place or installed with setup. If the application is frozen, returns the parent directory of the application resources such as test files and images. """ global _APP_DIR if not _APP_DIR: from ._config import find_app_dir _APP_DIR = find_app_dir() return _APP_DIR
_USER_DIR = None
[docs]def get_user_dir(): """ The directory where the per-user configuration is stored. Returns ~/.sasview, creating it if it does not already exist. """ global _USER_DIR if not _USER_DIR: from ._config import make_user_dir _USER_DIR = make_user_dir() return _USER_DIR
def make_custom_config_path(): from ._config import make_custom_config_path as _make_path return _make_path(get_user_dir()) _CUSTOM_CONFIG = None
[docs]def get_custom_config(): """ Setup the custom config dir and cat file """ global _CUSTOM_CONFIG if not _CUSTOM_CONFIG: from ._config import setup_custom_config _CUSTOM_CONFIG = setup_custom_config(get_app_dir(), get_user_dir()) return _CUSTOM_CONFIG
[docs]def get_local_config(): """ Loads the local config file. """ global _LOCAL_CONFIG if not _LOCAL_CONFIG: from ._config import load_local_config _LOCAL_CONFIG = load_local_config(get_app_dir()) return _LOCAL_CONFIG