Source code for sas.sascalc.dataloader.loader_exceptions

Exceptions specific to loading data.

[docs]class NoKnownLoaderException(Exception): """ Exception for files with no associated reader based on the file extension of the loaded file. This exception should only be thrown by """ def __init__(self, e=None): self.message = e
[docs]class DefaultReaderException(Exception): """ Exception for files with no associated reader. This should be thrown by default readers only to tell Loader to try the next reader. """ def __init__(self, e=None): self.message = e
[docs]class FileContentsException(Exception): """ Exception for files with an associated reader, but with no loadable data. This is useful for catching loader or file format issues. """ def __init__(self, e=None): self.message = e
[docs]class DataReaderException(Exception): """ Exception for files that were able to mostly load, but had minor issues along the way. Any exceptions of this type should be put into the datainfo.errors """ def __init__(self, e=None): self.message = e