Source code for sasmodels.exception

Utility to add annotations to python exceptions.
import sys

# Platform cruft: WindowsError is only defined on Windows.
except NameError:
[docs] class WindowsError(Exception): """ Fake WindowsException when not on Windows. """ pass
[docs]def annotate_exception(msg, exc=None): """ Add an annotation to the current exception, which can then be forwarded to the caller using a bare "raise" statement to raise the annotated exception. If the exception *exc* is provided, then that exception is the one that is annotated, otherwise *sys.exc_info* is used. Example:: >>> D = {} >>> try: ... print(D['hello']) ... except: ... annotate_exception("while accessing 'D'") ... raise Traceback (most recent call last): ... KeyError: "hello while accessing 'D'" """ if not exc: exc = sys.exc_info()[1] # Can't extend WindowsError exceptions; instead raise a new exception. # TODO: try to incorporate current stack trace in the raised exception if isinstance(exc, WindowsError): raise OSError(str(exc) + " " + msg) args = exc.args if not args: exc.args = (msg,) else: try: arg0 = " ".join((args[0], msg)) exc.args = tuple([arg0] + list(args[1:])) except Exception: exc.args = (" ".join((str(exc), msg)),)