Source code for sasmodels.list_pars

List all parameters used along with the models which use them.


    python -m sasmodels.list_pars [-v]

If '-v' is given, then list the models containing the parameter in
addition to just the parameter name.
from __future__ import print_function

import argparse

from .core import load_model_info, list_models
from .compare import columnize

[docs]def find_pars(kind=None): """ Find all parameters in all models. Returns the reference table *{parameter: [model, model, ...]}* """ partable = {} for name in list_models(): model_info = load_model_info(name) for p in model_info.parameters.kernel_parameters: if kind is None or p.type == kind: partable.setdefault(, []) partable[].append(name) return partable
[docs]def list_pars(names_only=True, kind=None): """ Print all parameters in all models. If *names_only* then only print the parameter name, not the models it occurs in. """ partable = find_pars(kind) if names_only: print(columnize(list(sorted(partable.keys())))) else: for k, v in sorted(partable.items()): print("%s: %s"%(k, ", ".join(v)))
[docs]def main(): """ Program to list the parameters used across all models. """ parser = argparse.ArgumentParser( description="Find all parameters in all models", ) parser.add_argument( '-v', '--verbose', action='store_true', help="list models which use this argument") parser.add_argument( 'kind', default="any", nargs='?', metavar="volume|orientation|sld|none|any", choices=['volume', 'orientation', 'sld', None, 'any'], type=lambda v: None if v == 'any' else None if v == 'none' else v, help="only list arguments of the given kind") args = parser.parse_args() list_pars(names_only=not args.verbose, kind=args.kind)
if __name__ == "__main__": main()