Source code for sas.sascalc.data_util.uniquelist


[docs]def uniquelist(inputlist, hash=None): '''remove redunduant elements from the give list and return a list of unique elements. inputlist: input list hash: use this function to make the items in the list hashable. Implementation details: This function is order-preserving. ''' if hash is None: hash = __builtins__.hash seen = {} result = [] for item in inputlist: marker = hash(item) if marker in seen: continue seen[marker] = 1 result.append(item) return result
[docs]def test(): assert uniquelist([1,2,2,3])==[1,2,3] return
[docs]def main(): test() return
if __name__ == '__main__': main() # version __id__ = "$Id$" # End of file