Source code for sas.sascalc.file_converter.red2d_writer

import os
import time
from sas.sascalc.dataloader.readers.red2d_reader import Reader as Red2DReader

[docs]class Red2DWriter(Red2DReader):
[docs] def write(self, filename, data, thread): """ Write to .dat :param filename: file name to write :param data: data2D """ # Write the file fd = open(filename, 'w') t = time.localtime() time_str = time.strftime("%H:%M on %b %d %y", t) header_str = "Data columns are Qx - Qy - I(Qx,Qy)\n\nASCII data" header_str += " created at %s \n\n" % time_str # simple 2D header fd.write(header_str) # write qx qy I values for i in range(len( if thread.isquit(): fd.close() os.remove(filename) return False fd.write("%g %g %g\n" % (data.qx_data[i], data.qy_data[i],[i])) fd.close() return True