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# class Loader  to load any king of file
#import wx
#import string
import numpy

[docs]class Load: """ This class is loading values from given file or value giving by the user """ def __init__(self, x=None, y=None, dx=None, dy=None): raise NotImplementedError("a code search shows that this code is not active, and you are not seeing this message") # variable to store loaded values self.x = x self.y = y self.dx = dx self.dy = dy self.filename = None
[docs] def set_filename(self, path=None): """ Store path into a variable.If the user doesn't give a path as a parameter a pop-up window appears to select the file. :param path: the path given by the user """ self.filename = path
[docs] def get_filename(self): """ return the file's path""" return self.filename
[docs] def set_values(self): """ Store the values loaded from file in local variables""" if not self.filename == None: input_f = open(self.filename, 'r') buff = lines = buff.split('\n') self.x = [] self.y = [] self.dx = [] self.dy = [] for line in lines: try: toks = line.split() x = float(toks[0]) y = float(toks[1]) dy = float(toks[2]) self.x.append(x) self.y.append(y) self.dy.append(dy) self.dx = numpy.zeros(len(self.x)) except: print "READ ERROR", line # Sanity check if not len(self.x) == len(self.dx): raise ValueError, "x and dx have different length" if not len(self.y) == len(self.dy): raise ValueError, "y and dy have different length"
[docs] def get_values(self): """ Return x, y, dx, dy""" return self.x, self.y, self.dx, self.dy
[docs] def load_data(self, data): """ Return plottable""" #load data data.x = self.x data.y = self.y data.dx = self.dx data.dy = self.dy
#Load its View class #plottable.reset_view() if __name__ == "__main__": load = Load() load.set_filename("testdata_line.txt") print load.get_filename() load.set_values() print load.get_values()