Source code for sas.sasgui.guiframe.gui_manager

    Gui manager: manages the widgets making up an application
# This software was developed by the University of Tennessee as part of the
# Distributed Data Analysis of Neutron Scattering Experiments (DANSE)
# project funded by the US National Science Foundation.
# See the license text in license.txtz
# copyright 2008, University of Tennessee

import wx
import wx.aui
import os
import sys
import time
import imp
import warnings
import re
import logging
import httplib
import traceback
import urllib
import urllib2
import json

from import EVT_CATEGORY
from import EVT_STATUS
from import EVT_PANEL_ON_FOCUS
from import EVT_NEW_LOAD_DATA
from import EVT_NEW_COLOR
from import StatusEvent
from import NewPlotEvent
from sas.sasgui.guiframe.gui_style import GUIFRAME
from sas.sasgui.guiframe.gui_style import GUIFRAME_ID
from sas.sasgui.guiframe.data_panel import DataPanel
from sas.sasgui.guiframe.panel_base import PanelBase
from sas.sasgui.guiframe.gui_toolbar import GUIToolBar
from sas.sasgui.guiframe.data_processor import GridFrame
from import EVT_NEW_BATCH
from sas.sasgui.guiframe.CategoryManager import CategoryManager
from sas.sascalc.dataloader.loader import Loader
from sas.sasgui.guiframe.proxy import Connection
from matplotlib import _pylab_helpers


[docs]def get_app_dir(): """ The application directory is the one where the default file resides. :returns: app_path - the path to the applicatin directory """ # First, try the directory of the executable we are running app_path = sys.path[0] if os.path.isfile(app_path): app_path = os.path.dirname(app_path) if os.path.isfile(os.path.join(app_path, "")): app_path = os.path.abspath(app_path)"Using application path: %s", app_path) return app_path # Next, try the current working directory if os.path.isfile(os.path.join(os.getcwd(), "")):"Using application path: %s", os.getcwd()) return os.path.abspath(os.getcwd()) # Finally, try the directory of the sasview module # TODO: gui_manager will have to know about sasview until we # clean all these module variables and put them into a config class # that can be passed by from sas import sasview as sasview app_path = os.path.dirname(sasview.__file__)"Using application path: %s", app_path) return app_path
[docs]def get_user_directory(): """ Returns the user's home directory """ userdir = os.path.join(os.path.expanduser("~"), ".sasview") if not os.path.isdir(userdir): os.makedirs(userdir) return userdir
def _find_local_config(file, path): """ Find configuration file for the current application """ config_module = None fObj = None try: fObj, path_config, descr = imp.find_module(file, [path]) config_module = imp.load_module(file, fObj, path_config, descr) except: logging.error("Error loading %s/%s: %s" % (path, file, sys.exc_value)) finally: if fObj is not None: fObj.close()"GuiManager loaded %s/%s" % (path, file)) return config_module # Get APP folder PATH_APP = get_app_dir() DATAPATH = PATH_APP # GUI always starts from the App folder # os.chdir(PATH_APP) # Read in the local config, which can either be with the main # application or in the installation directory config = _find_local_config('local_config', PATH_APP) if config is None: config = _find_local_config('local_config', os.getcwd()) if config is None: # Didn't find local config, load the default import sas.sasgui.guiframe.config as config"using default local_config") else:"found local_config in %s" % os.getcwd()) else:"found local_config in %s" % PATH_APP) from sas.sasgui.guiframe.customdir import SetupCustom c_conf_dir = SetupCustom().setup_dir(PATH_APP) custom_config = _find_local_config('custom_config', c_conf_dir) if custom_config is None: custom_config = _find_local_config('custom_config', os.getcwd()) if custom_config is None: msgConfig = "Custom_config file was not imported" else:"using custom_config in %s" % os.getcwd()) else:"using custom_config from %s" % c_conf_dir) # read some constants from config APPLICATION_STATE_EXTENSION = config.APPLICATION_STATE_EXTENSION APPLICATION_NAME = config.__appname__ SPLASH_SCREEN_PATH = config.SPLASH_SCREEN_PATH WELCOME_PANEL_ON = config.WELCOME_PANEL_ON SPLASH_SCREEN_WIDTH = config.SPLASH_SCREEN_WIDTH SPLASH_SCREEN_HEIGHT = config.SPLASH_SCREEN_HEIGHT SS_MAX_DISPLAY_TIME = config.SS_MAX_DISPLAY_TIME SAS_OPENCL = config.SAS_OPENCL if not WELCOME_PANEL_ON: WELCOME_PANEL_SHOW = False else: WELCOME_PANEL_SHOW = True try: DATALOADER_SHOW = custom_config.DATALOADER_SHOW TOOLBAR_SHOW = custom_config.TOOLBAR_SHOW FIXED_PANEL = custom_config.FIXED_PANEL if WELCOME_PANEL_ON: WELCOME_PANEL_SHOW = custom_config.WELCOME_PANEL_SHOW PLOPANEL_WIDTH = custom_config.PLOPANEL_WIDTH DATAPANEL_WIDTH = custom_config.DATAPANEL_WIDTH GUIFRAME_WIDTH = custom_config.GUIFRAME_WIDTH GUIFRAME_HEIGHT = custom_config.GUIFRAME_HEIGHT CONTROL_WIDTH = custom_config.CONTROL_WIDTH CONTROL_HEIGHT = custom_config.CONTROL_HEIGHT DEFAULT_PERSPECTIVE = custom_config.DEFAULT_PERSPECTIVE CLEANUP_PLOT = custom_config.CLEANUP_PLOT # custom open_path open_folder = custom_config.DEFAULT_OPEN_FOLDER if open_folder is not None and os.path.isdir(open_folder): DEFAULT_OPEN_FOLDER = os.path.abspath(open_folder) else: DEFAULT_OPEN_FOLDER = PATH_APP SAS_OPENCL = custom_config.SAS_OPENCL except: DATALOADER_SHOW = True TOOLBAR_SHOW = True FIXED_PANEL = True WELCOME_PANEL_SHOW = False PLOPANEL_WIDTH = config.PLOPANEL_WIDTH DATAPANEL_WIDTH = config.DATAPANEL_WIDTH GUIFRAME_WIDTH = config.GUIFRAME_WIDTH GUIFRAME_HEIGHT = config.GUIFRAME_HEIGHT CONTROL_WIDTH = -1 CONTROL_HEIGHT = -1 DEFAULT_PERSPECTIVE = None CLEANUP_PLOT = False DEFAULT_OPEN_FOLDER = PATH_APP SAS_OPENCL = None DEFAULT_STYLE = config.DEFAULT_STYLE PLUGIN_STATE_EXTENSIONS = config.PLUGIN_STATE_EXTENSIONS OPEN_SAVE_MENU = config.OPEN_SAVE_PROJECT_MENU VIEW_MENU = config.VIEW_MENU EDIT_MENU = config.EDIT_MENU extension_list = [] if APPLICATION_STATE_EXTENSION is not None: extension_list.append(APPLICATION_STATE_EXTENSION) EXTENSIONS = PLUGIN_STATE_EXTENSIONS + extension_list try: PLUGINS_WLIST = '|'.join(config.PLUGINS_WLIST) except: PLUGINS_WLIST = '' APPLICATION_WLIST = config.APPLICATION_WLIST IS_WIN = True IS_LINUX = False CLOSE_SHOW = True TIME_FACTOR = 2 MDI_STYLE = wx.DEFAULT_FRAME_STYLE NOT_SO_GRAPH_LIST = ["BoxSum"] PARENT_FRAME = wx.MDIParentFrame CHILD_FRAME = wx.MDIChildFrame if sys.platform.count("win32") < 1: IS_WIN = False TIME_FACTOR = 2 if int(str(wx.__version__).split('.')[0]) == 2: if int(str(wx.__version__).split('.')[1]) < 9: CLOSE_SHOW = False if sys.platform.count("darwin") < 1: IS_LINUX = True PARENT_FRAME = wx.Frame CHILD_FRAME = wx.Frame #Initiliaze enviromental variable with custom setting but only if variable not set if SAS_OPENCL and not "SAS_OPENCL" in os.environ: os.environ["SAS_OPENCL"] = SAS_OPENCL
[docs]class ViewerFrame(PARENT_FRAME): """ Main application frame """ def __init__(self, parent, title, size=(GUIFRAME_WIDTH, GUIFRAME_HEIGHT), gui_style=DEFAULT_STYLE, style=wx.DEFAULT_FRAME_STYLE, pos=wx.DefaultPosition): """ Initialize the Frame object """ PARENT_FRAME.__init__(self, parent=parent, title=title, pos=pos, size=size) # title self.title = title self.__gui_style = gui_style path = os.path.dirname(__file__) temp_path = os.path.join(path, 'images') ico_file = os.path.join(temp_path, 'ball.ico') if os.path.isfile(ico_file): self.SetIcon(wx.Icon(ico_file, wx.BITMAP_TYPE_ICO)) else: temp_path = os.path.join(os.getcwd(), 'images') ico_file = os.path.join(temp_path, 'ball.ico') if os.path.isfile(ico_file): self.SetIcon(wx.Icon(ico_file, wx.BITMAP_TYPE_ICO)) else: ico_file = os.path.join(os.path.dirname(os.path.sys.path[0]), 'images', 'ball.ico') if os.path.isfile(ico_file): self.SetIcon(wx.Icon(ico_file, wx.BITMAP_TYPE_ICO)) self.path = PATH_APP self.application_name = APPLICATION_NAME # Application manager self._input_file = None self.app_manager = None self._mgr = None # add current perpsective self._current_perspective = None self._plotting_plugin = None self._data_plugin = None # Menu bar and item self._menubar = None self._file_menu = None self._data_menu = None self._view_menu = None self._data_panel_menu = None self._help_menu = None self._tool_menu = None self._applications_menu_pos = -1 self._applications_menu_name = None self._applications_menu = None self._edit_menu = None self._toolbar_menu = None self._save_appl_menu = None # tool bar self._toolbar = None # Status bar = None # number of plugins self._num_perspectives = 0 # plot duck cleanup option self.cleanup_plots = CLEANUP_PLOT # Find plug-ins # Modify this so that we can specify the directory to look into self.plugins = [] # add local plugin self.plugins += self._get_local_plugins() self.plugins += self._find_plugins() # List of panels self.panels = {} # List of plot panels self.plot_panels = {} # default Graph number fot the plotpanel caption self.graph_num = 0 # Default locations self._default_save_location = DEFAULT_OPEN_FOLDER # Welcome panel self.defaultPanel = None self.welcome_panel_class = None # panel on focus self.panel_on_focus = None # control_panel on focus self.cpanel_on_focus = None self.loader = Loader() # data manager self.batch_on = False from sas.sasgui.guiframe.data_manager import DataManager self._data_manager = DataManager() self._data_panel = None # DataPanel(parent=self) if self.panel_on_focus is not None: self._data_panel.set_panel_on_focus( self.panel_on_focus.window_caption) # list of plot panels in schedule to full redraw self.schedule = False # self.callback = True self._idle_count = 0 self.schedule_full_draw_list = [] self.idletimer = wx.CallLater(TIME_FACTOR, self._onDrawIdle) self.batch_frame = GridFrame(parent=self) self.batch_frame.Hide() self.on_batch_selection(event=None) self.add_icon() # Register the close event so it calls our own method wx.EVT_CLOSE(self, self.WindowClose) # Register to status events self.Bind(EVT_STATUS, self._on_status_event) # Register add extra data on the same panel event on load self.Bind(EVT_PANEL_ON_FOCUS, self.set_panel_on_focus) self.Bind(EVT_APPEND_BOOKMARK, self.append_bookmark) self.Bind(EVT_NEW_LOAD_DATA, self.on_load_data) self.Bind(EVT_NEW_BATCH, self.on_batch_selection) self.Bind(EVT_NEW_COLOR, self.on_color_selection) self.Bind(EVT_CATEGORY, self.on_change_categories) self.setup_custom_conf() # Preferred window size self._window_width, self._window_height = size
[docs] def add_icon(self): """ get list of child and attempt to add the default icon """ list_children = self.GetChildren() for frame in list_children: self.put_icon(frame)
[docs] def put_icon(self, frame): """ Put icon on the tap of a panel """ if hasattr(frame, "IsIconized"): if not frame.IsIconized(): try: icon = self.GetIcon() frame.SetIcon(icon) except: logging.error("ViewerFrame.put_icon: could not set icon")
[docs] def get_client_size(self): """ return client size tuple """ width, height = self.GetClientSizeTuple() height -= 45 # Adjust toolbar height toolbar = self.GetToolBar() if toolbar is not None: _, tb_h = toolbar.GetSizeTuple() height -= tb_h return width, height
[docs] def on_change_categories(self, evt): # ILL fitpanel = None for item in self.plugins: if hasattr(item, "get_panels"): if hasattr(item, "fit_panel"): fitpanel = item.fit_panel if fitpanel is not None: for i in range(0, fitpanel.GetPageCount()): fitpanel.GetPage(i)._populate_listbox()
[docs] def on_set_batch_result(self, data_outputs, data_inputs=None, plugin_name=""): """ Display data into a grid in batch mode and show the grid """ t = time.localtime(time.time()) time_str = time.strftime("%b %d %H;%M of %Y", t) details = "File Generated by %s : %s" % (APPLICATION_NAME, str(plugin_name)) details += "on %s.\n" % time_str ext = ".csv" file_name = "Batch_" + str(plugin_name) + "_" + time_str + ext file_name = self._default_save_location + str(file_name) self.open_with_localapp(file_name=file_name, details=details, data_inputs=data_inputs, data_outputs=data_outputs)
[docs] def open_with_localapp(self, data_inputs=None, details="", file_name=None, data_outputs=None): """ Display value of data into the application grid :param data_inputs: dictionary of string and list of items :param details: descriptive string :param file_name: file name :param data_outputs: Data outputs """ self.batch_frame.set_data(data_inputs=data_inputs, data_outputs=data_outputs, details=details, file_name=file_name) self.show_batch_frame(None)
[docs] def on_read_batch_tofile(self, base): """ Open a file dialog , extract the file to read and display values into a grid """ path = None if self._default_save_location is None: self._default_save_location = os.getcwd() wildcard = "(*.csv; *.txt)|*.csv; *.txt" dlg = wx.FileDialog(base, "Choose a file", self._default_save_location, "", wildcard) if dlg.ShowModal() == wx.ID_OK: path = dlg.GetPath() if path is not None: self._default_save_location = os.path.dirname(path) dlg.Destroy() try: self.read_batch_tofile(file_name=path) except: msg = "Error occurred when reading the file; %s\n" % path msg += "%s\n" % sys.exc_value wx.PostEvent(self, StatusEvent(status=msg, info="error"))
[docs] def read_batch_tofile(self, file_name): """ Extract value from file name and Display them into a grid """ if file_name is None or file_name.strip() == "": return data = {} fd = open(file_name, 'r') _, ext = os.path.splitext(file_name) separator = None if ext.lower() == ".csv": separator = "," fd_buffer = lines = fd_buffer.split('\n') fd.close() column_names_line = "" index = None details = "" for index in range(len(lines)): line = lines[index] line.strip() count = 0 if separator is None: line.replace('\t', ' ') # found the first line containing the label col_name_toks = line.split() for item in col_name_toks: if item.strip() != "": count += 1 else: line = " " elif line.find(separator) != -1: if line.count(separator) >= 2: # found the first line containing the label col_name_toks = line.split(separator) for item in col_name_toks: if item.strip() != "": count += 1 else: details += line if count >= 2: column_names_line = line break if column_names_line.strip() == "" or index is None: return col_name_toks = column_names_line.split(separator) c_index = 0 for col_index in range(len(col_name_toks)): c_name = col_name_toks[col_index] if c_name.strip() != "": # distinguish between column name and value try: float(c_name) col_name = "Column %s" % str(col_index + 1) index_min = index except: col_name = c_name index_min = index + 1 data[col_name] = [lines[row].split(separator)[c_index] for row in range(index_min, len(lines) - 1)] c_index += 1 self.open_with_localapp(data_outputs=data, data_inputs=None, file_name=file_name, details=details)
[docs] def write_batch_tofile(self, data, file_name, details=""): """ Helper to write result from batch into cvs file """ self._default_save_location = os.path.dirname(file_name) name = os.path.basename(file_name) if data is None or file_name is None or file_name.strip() == "": return _, ext = os.path.splitext(name) try: fd = open(file_name, 'w') except: # On Permission denied: IOError temp_dir = get_user_directory() temp_file_name = os.path.join(temp_dir, name) fd = open(temp_file_name, 'w') separator = "\t" if ext.lower() == ".csv": separator = "," fd.write(str(details)) for col_name in data.keys(): fd.write(str(col_name)) fd.write(separator) fd.write('\n') max_list = [len(value) for value in data.values()] if len(max_list) == 0: return max_index = max(max_list) index = 0 while index < max_index: for value_list in data.values(): if index < len(value_list): fd.write(str(value_list[index])) fd.write(separator) else: fd.write('') fd.write(separator) fd.write('\n') index += 1 fd.close()
[docs] def open_with_externalapp(self, data, file_name, details=""): """ Display data in the another application , by default Excel """ if not os.path.exists(file_name): self.write_batch_tofile(data=data, file_name=file_name, details=details) try: from win32com.client import Dispatch excel_app = Dispatch('Excel.Application') excel_app.Workbooks.Open(file_name) excel_app.Visible = 1 except: msg = "Error occured when calling Excel.\n" msg += "Check that Excel installed in this machine or \n" msg += "check that %s really exists.\n" % str(file_name) wx.PostEvent(self, StatusEvent(status=msg, info="error"))
[docs] def on_batch_selection(self, event=None): """ :param event: contains parameter enable. When enable is set to True the application is in Batch mode otherwise the application is in Single mode. """ if event is not None: self.batch_on = event.enable for plug in self.plugins: plug.set_batch_selection(self.batch_on)
[docs] def on_color_selection(self, event): """ :param event: contains parameters for id and color """ color, event_id = event.color, for plug in self.plugins: plug.add_color(color, event_id)
[docs] def setup_custom_conf(self): """ Set up custom configuration if exists """ if custom_config is None: return if not FIXED_PANEL: self.__gui_style &= (~GUIFRAME.FIXED_PANEL) self.__gui_style |= GUIFRAME.FLOATING_PANEL if not DATALOADER_SHOW: self.__gui_style &= (~GUIFRAME.MANAGER_ON) if not TOOLBAR_SHOW: self.__gui_style &= (~GUIFRAME.TOOLBAR_ON) if WELCOME_PANEL_SHOW: self.__gui_style |= GUIFRAME.WELCOME_PANEL_ON
[docs] def set_custom_default_perspective(self): """ Set default starting perspective """ if custom_config is None: return for plugin in self.plugins: try: if plugin.sub_menu == DEFAULT_PERSPECTIVE: plugin.on_perspective(event=None) frame = plugin.get_frame() frame.Show(True) # break else: frame = plugin.get_frame() frame.Show(False) except: pass return
[docs] def on_load_data(self, event): """ received an event to trigger load from data plugin """ if self._data_plugin is not None: self._data_plugin.load_data(event)
[docs] def get_current_perspective(self): """ return the current perspective """ return self._current_perspective
[docs] def get_save_location(self): """ return the _default_save_location """ return self._default_save_location
[docs] def set_input_file(self, input_file): """ :param input_file: file to read """ self._input_file = input_file
[docs] def get_data_manager(self): """ return the data manager. """ return self._data_manager
[docs] def get_toolbar(self): """ return the toolbar. """ return self._toolbar
[docs] def set_panel_on_focus(self, event): """ Store reference to the last panel on focus update the toolbar if available update edit menu if available """ if event is not None: self.panel_on_focus = event.panel if self.panel_on_focus is not None: # Disable save application if the current panel is in batch mode try: flag = self.panel_on_focus.get_save_flag() if self._save_appl_menu is not None: self._save_appl_menu.Enable(flag) if self.panel_on_focus not in self.plot_panels.values(): for ID in self.panels.keys(): if self.panel_on_focus != self.panels[ID]: self.panels[ID].on_kill_focus(None) if self._data_panel is not None and \ self.panel_on_focus is not None: self.set_panel_on_focus_helper() # update toolbar self._update_toolbar_helper() # update edit menu self.enable_edit_menu() except wx._core.PyDeadObjectError: pass
[docs] def disable_app_menu(self, p_panel=None): """ Disables all menus in the menubar """ return
[docs] def send_focus_to_datapanel(self, name): """ Send focusing on ID to data explorer """ if self._data_panel is not None: self._data_panel.set_panel_on_focus(name)
[docs] def set_panel_on_focus_helper(self): """ Helper for panel on focus with data_panel """ caption = self.panel_on_focus.window_caption self.send_focus_to_datapanel(caption) # update combo if self.panel_on_focus in self.plot_panels.values(): combo = self._data_panel.cb_plotpanel combo_title = str(self.panel_on_focus.window_caption) combo.SetStringSelection(combo_title) combo.SetToolTip(wx.ToolTip(combo_title)) elif self.panel_on_focus != self._data_panel: cpanel = self.panel_on_focus if self.cpanel_on_focus != cpanel: cpanel.on_tap_focus() self.cpanel_on_focus = self.panel_on_focus
[docs] def reset_bookmark_menu(self, panel): """ Reset Bookmark menu list : param panel: a control panel or tap where the bookmark is """ cpanel = panel if self._toolbar is not None and cpanel._bookmark_flag: for item in self._toolbar.get_bookmark_items(): self._toolbar.remove_bookmark_item(item) self._toolbar.add_bookmark_default() pos = 0 for bitem in cpanel.popUpMenu.GetMenuItems(): pos += 1 if pos < 3: continue id = bitem.GetId() label = bitem.GetLabel() self._toolbar.append_bookmark_item(id, label) wx.EVT_MENU(self, id, cpanel._back_to_bookmark) self._toolbar.Realize()
[docs] def build_gui(self): """ Build the GUI by setting up the toolbar, menu and layout. """ # set tool bar self._setup_tool_bar() # Create the menu bar. To be filled later. # WX 3.0 needs us to create the menu bar first. self._menubar = wx.MenuBar() if wx.VERSION_STRING >= '': self.SetMenuBar(self._menubar) self._add_menu_file() self._add_menu_edit() self._add_menu_view() self._add_menu_tool() # Set up the layout self._setup_layout() self._add_menu_application() # Set up the menu self._add_current_plugin_menu() self._add_help_menu() # Append item from plugin under menu file if necessary self._populate_file_menu() if not wx.VERSION_STRING >= '': self.SetMenuBar(self._menubar) try: self.load_from_cmd(self._input_file) except: msg = "%s Cannot load file %s\n" % (str(APPLICATION_NAME), str(self._input_file)) msg += str(sys.exc_value) + '\n' logging.error(msg) if self._data_panel is not None and len(self.plugins) > 0: self._data_panel.fill_cbox_analysis(self.plugins) self.post_init() # Set Custom default self.set_custom_default_perspective() # Set up extra custom tool menu self._setup_extra_custom() self._check_update(None)
def _setup_extra_custom(self): """ Set up toolbar and welcome view if needed """ style = self.__gui_style & GUIFRAME.TOOLBAR_ON if (style == GUIFRAME.TOOLBAR_ON) & (not self._toolbar.IsShown()): self._on_toggle_toolbar() # Set Custom deafult start page welcome_style = self.__gui_style & GUIFRAME.WELCOME_PANEL_ON if welcome_style == GUIFRAME.WELCOME_PANEL_ON: self.show_welcome_panel(None) def _setup_layout(self): """ Set up the layout """ # Status bar from sas.sasgui.guiframe.gui_statusbar import StatusBar = StatusBar(self, wx.ID_ANY) self.SetStatusBar( # Load panels self._load_panels()
[docs] def SetStatusText(self, *args, **kwds): """ """ number = wx.Frame.SetStatusText(self, number=number, *args, **kwds)
[docs] def PopStatusText(self, *args, **kwds): """ """ field = wx.Frame.PopStatusText(self, field=field)
[docs] def PushStatusText(self, *args, **kwds): """ .. todo:: No message is passed. What is this supposed to do? """ field = wx.Frame.PushStatusText(self, field=field, string= "FIXME - PushStatusText called without text")
[docs] def add_perspective(self, plugin): """ Add a perspective if it doesn't already exist. """ self._num_perspectives += 1 is_loaded = False for item in self.plugins: item.set_batch_selection(self.batch_on) if plugin.__class__ == item.__class__: msg = "Plugin %s already loaded" % plugin.sub_menu is_loaded = True if not is_loaded: self.plugins.append(plugin) msg = "Plugin %s appended" % plugin.sub_menu
def _get_local_plugins(self): """ get plugins local to guiframe and others """ plugins = [] # import guiframe local plugins # check if the style contain guiframe.dataloader style1 = self.__gui_style & GUIFRAME.DATALOADER_ON style2 = self.__gui_style & GUIFRAME.PLOTTING_ON if style1 == GUIFRAME.DATALOADER_ON: try: from sas.sasgui.guiframe.local_perspectives.data_loader \ import data_loader self._data_plugin = data_loader.Plugin() plugins.append(self._data_plugin) except: msg = "ViewerFrame._get_local_plugins:" msg += "cannot import dataloader plugin.\n %s" % sys.exc_value logging.error(msg) if style2 == GUIFRAME.PLOTTING_ON: try: from sas.sasgui.guiframe.local_perspectives.plotting \ import plotting self._plotting_plugin = plotting.Plugin() plugins.append(self._plotting_plugin) except: msg = "ViewerFrame._get_local_plugins:" msg += "cannot import plotting plugin.\n %s" % sys.exc_value logging.error(msg) return plugins def _find_plugins(self, dir="perspectives"): """ Find available perspective plug-ins :param dir: directory in which to look for plug-ins :returns: list of plug-ins """ plugins = [] # Go through files in panels directory try: if os.path.isdir(dir): file_list = os.listdir(dir) else: file_list = [] # the default panel is the panel is the last plugin added for item in file_list: toks = os.path.splitext(os.path.basename(item)) name = '' if not toks[0] == '__init__': if toks[1] == '.py' or toks[1] == '': name = toks[0] # check the validity of the module name parsed # before trying to import it if name is None or name.strip() == '': continue path = [os.path.abspath(dir)] file = None try: if toks[1] == '': mod_path = '.'.join([dir, name]) module = __import__(mod_path, globals(), locals(), [name]) else: (file, path, info) = imp.find_module(name, path) module = imp.load_module(name, file, item, info) if hasattr(module, "PLUGIN_ID"): try: plugins.append(module.Plugin()) msg = "Found plug-in: %s" % module.PLUGIN_ID except: msg = "Error accessing PluginPanel" msg += " in %s\n %s" % (name, sys.exc_value) config.printEVT(msg) except: msg = "ViewerFrame._find_plugins: %s" % sys.exc_value logging.error(msg) finally: if file is not None: file.close() except: # Should raise and catch at a higher level and # display error on status bar logging.error(sys.exc_value) return plugins def _get_panels_size(self, p): """ find the proper size of the current panel get the proper panel width and height """ self._window_width, self._window_height = self.get_client_size() # Default size if DATAPANEL_WIDTH < 0: panel_width = int(self._window_width * 0.25) else: panel_width = DATAPANEL_WIDTH panel_height = int(self._window_height) if self._data_panel is not None and (p == self._data_panel): return panel_width, panel_height if hasattr(p, "CENTER_PANE") and p.CENTER_PANE: panel_width = self._window_width * 0.45 if CONTROL_WIDTH > 0: panel_width = CONTROL_WIDTH if CONTROL_HEIGHT > 0: panel_height = CONTROL_HEIGHT return panel_width, panel_height elif p == self.defaultPanel: return self._window_width, panel_height return panel_width, panel_height def _load_panels(self): """ Load all panels in the panels directory """ # Look for plug-in panels panels = [] if wx.VERSION_STRING >= '': mac_pos_y = 85 else: mac_pos_y = 40 for item in self.plugins: if hasattr(item, "get_panels"): ps = item.get_panels(self) panels.extend(ps) # Set up welcome panel # TODO: this needs serious simplification if self.welcome_panel_class is not None: welcome_panel = MDIFrame(self, None, 'None', (100, 200)) self.defaultPanel = self.welcome_panel_class(welcome_panel, -1, style=wx.RAISED_BORDER) welcome_panel.set_panel(self.defaultPanel) self.defaultPanel.set_frame(welcome_panel) welcome_panel.Show(False) self.panels["default"] = self.defaultPanel size_t_bar = 70 if IS_LINUX: size_t_bar = 115 if self.defaultPanel is not None: w, h = self._get_panels_size(self.defaultPanel) frame = self.defaultPanel.get_frame() frame.SetSize((self._window_width, self._window_height)) if not IS_WIN: frame.SetPosition((0, mac_pos_y + size_t_bar)) frame.Show(True) # add data panel win = MDIFrame(self, None, 'None', (100, 200)) data_panel = DataPanel(parent=win, id=-1) win.set_panel(data_panel) self.panels["data_panel"] = data_panel self._data_panel = data_panel d_panel_width, h = self._get_panels_size(self._data_panel) win.SetSize((d_panel_width, h)) is_visible = self.__gui_style & \ GUIFRAME.MANAGER_ON == GUIFRAME.MANAGER_ON if IS_WIN: win.SetPosition((0, 0)) else: win.SetPosition((0, mac_pos_y + size_t_bar)) win.Show(is_visible) # Add the panels to the AUI manager for panel_class in panels: frame = panel_class.get_frame() wx_id = wx.NewId() # Check whether we need to put this panel in the center pane if hasattr(panel_class, "CENTER_PANE") and panel_class.CENTER_PANE: w, h = self._get_panels_size(panel_class) if panel_class.CENTER_PANE: self.panels[str(wx_id)] = panel_class _, pos_y = frame.GetPositionTuple() frame.SetPosition((d_panel_width + 1, pos_y)) frame.SetSize((w, h)) frame.Show(False) elif panel_class == self._data_panel: panel_class.frame.Show(is_visible) continue else: self.panels[str(wx_id)] = panel_class frame.SetSize((w, h)) frame.Show(False) if IS_WIN: frame.SetPosition((d_panel_width + 1, 0)) else: frame.SetPosition((d_panel_width + 1, mac_pos_y + size_t_bar)) if not IS_WIN: win_height = mac_pos_y if IS_LINUX: if wx.VERSION_STRING >= '': win_height = mac_pos_y + 10 else: win_height = mac_pos_y + 55 self.SetMaxSize((-1, win_height)) else: self.SetSize((self._window_width, win_height))
[docs] def update_data(self, prev_data, new_data): """ Update the data. """ prev_id, data_state = self._data_manager.update_data( prev_data=prev_data, new_data=new_data) self._data_panel.remove_by_id(prev_id) self._data_panel.load_data_list(data_state)
[docs] def update_theory(self, data_id, theory, state=None): """ Update the theory """ data_state = self._data_manager.update_theory(data_id=data_id, theory=theory, state=state) wx.CallAfter(self._data_panel.load_data_list, data_state)
[docs] def onfreeze(self, theory_id): """ Saves theory/model and passes to data loader. ..warning:: This seems to be the exact same code as the next function called simply freeze. This probably needs fixing """ data_state_list = self._data_manager.freeze(theory_id) self._data_panel.load_data_list(list=data_state_list) for data_state in data_state_list.values(): new_plot = data_state.get_data() wx.PostEvent(self, NewPlotEvent(plot=new_plot, title=new_plot.title))
[docs] def freeze(self, data_id, theory_id): """ Saves theory/model and passes to data loader. ..warning:: This seems to be the exact same code as the next function called simply freeze. This probably needs fixing """ data_state_list = self._data_manager.freeze_theory(data_id=data_id, theory_id=theory_id) self._data_panel.load_data_list(list=data_state_list) for data_state in data_state_list.values(): new_plot = data_state.get_data() wx.PostEvent(self, NewPlotEvent(plot=new_plot, title=new_plot.title))
[docs] def delete_data(self, data): """ Delete the data. """ self._current_perspective.delete_data(data)
[docs] def get_context_menu(self, plotpanel=None): """ Get the context menu items made available by the different plug-ins. This function is used by the plotting module """ if plotpanel is None: return menu_list = [] for item in self.plugins: menu_list.extend(item.get_context_menu(plotpanel=plotpanel)) return menu_list
[docs] def get_current_context_menu(self, plotpanel=None): """ Get the context menu items made available by the current plug-in. This function is used by the plotting module """ if plotpanel is None: return menu_list = [] item = self._current_perspective if item is not None: menu_list.extend(item.get_context_menu(plotpanel=plotpanel)) return menu_list
[docs] def on_panel_close(self, event): """ Gets called when the close event for a panel runs. This will check which panel has been closed and delete it. """ frame = event.GetEventObject() for ID in self.plot_panels.keys(): if self.plot_panels[ID].window_name == self.disable_app_menu(self.plot_panels[ID]) self.delete_panel(ID) break if self.cpanel_on_focus is not None: self.cpanel_on_focus.SetFocus()
[docs] def popup_panel(self, p): """ Add a panel object to the AUI manager :param p: panel object to add to the AUI manager :returns: ID of the event associated with the new panel [int] """ ID = wx.NewId() self.panels[str(ID)] = p # Check and set the size if PLOPANEL_WIDTH < 0: p_panel_width = int(self._window_width * 0.45) else: p_panel_width = PLOPANEL_WIDTH p_panel_height = int(p_panel_width * 0.76) p.frame.SetSize((p_panel_width, p_panel_height)) self.graph_num += 1 if p.window_caption.split()[0] in NOT_SO_GRAPH_LIST: windowcaption = p.window_caption else: windowcaption = 'Graph' windowname = p.window_name # Append nummber captions = self._get_plotpanel_captions() # FIXME: Fix this awful loop while (1): caption = windowcaption + '%s' % str(self.graph_num) if caption not in captions: break self.graph_num += 1 # protection from forever-loop: max num = 1000 if self.graph_num > 1000: break if p.window_caption.split()[0] not in NOT_SO_GRAPH_LIST: p.window_caption = caption p.window_name = windowname + str(self.graph_num) p.frame.SetTitle(p.window_caption) = p.window_name if not IS_WIN: p.frame.Center() x_pos, _ = p.frame.GetPositionTuple() p.frame.SetPosition((x_pos, 112)) p.frame.Show(True) # Register for showing/hiding the panel wx.EVT_MENU(self, ID, self.on_view) if p not in self.plot_panels.values() and p.group_id is not None: self.plot_panels[ID] = p if len(self.plot_panels) == 1: self.panel_on_focus = p self.set_panel_on_focus(None) if self._data_panel is not None and \ self._plotting_plugin is not None: ind = self._data_panel.cb_plotpanel.FindString('None') if ind != wx.NOT_FOUND: self._data_panel.cb_plotpanel.Delete(ind) if caption not in self._data_panel.cb_plotpanel.GetItems(): self._data_panel.cb_plotpanel.Append(str(caption), p) return ID
def _get_plotpanel_captions(self): """ Get all the plotpanel cations : return: list of captions """ captions = [] for Id in self.plot_panels.keys(): captions.append(self.plot_panels[Id].window_caption) return captions def _setup_tool_bar(self): """ add toolbar to the frame """ self._toolbar = GUIToolBar(self) # The legacy code doesn't work well for wx 3.0 # but the old code produces better results with wx 2.8 if not IS_WIN and wx.VERSION_STRING >= '': sizer = wx.BoxSizer(wx.VERTICAL) sizer.Add(self._toolbar, 0, wx.EXPAND) self.SetSizer(sizer) else: self.SetToolBar(self._toolbar) self._update_toolbar_helper() self._on_toggle_toolbar(event=None) def _update_toolbar_helper(self): """ Helping to update the toolbar """ application_name = 'No Selected Analysis' panel_name = 'No Panel on Focus' c_panel = self.cpanel_on_focus if self._toolbar is None: return if c_panel is not None: self.reset_bookmark_menu(self.cpanel_on_focus) if self._current_perspective is not None: application_name = self._current_perspective.sub_menu c_panel_state = c_panel if c_panel is not None: panel_name = c_panel.window_caption if not c_panel.IsShownOnScreen(): c_panel_state = None self._toolbar.update_toolbar(c_panel_state) self._toolbar.update_button(application_name=application_name, panel_name=panel_name) self._toolbar.Realize() def _add_menu_tool(self): """ Tools menu Go through plug-ins and find tools to populate the tools menu """ style = self.__gui_style & GUIFRAME.CALCULATOR_ON if style == GUIFRAME.CALCULATOR_ON: self._tool_menu = None for item in self.plugins: if hasattr(item, "get_tools"): for tool in item.get_tools(): # Only create a menu if we have at least one tool if self._tool_menu is None: self._tool_menu = wx.Menu() if tool[0].lower().count('python') > 0: self._tool_menu.AppendSeparator() id = wx.NewId() self._tool_menu.Append(id, tool[0], tool[1]) wx.EVT_MENU(self, id, tool[2]) if self._tool_menu is not None: self._menubar.Append(self._tool_menu, '&Tools') def _add_current_plugin_menu(self): """ add current plugin menu Look for plug-in menus Add available plug-in sub-menus. """ if self._menubar is None or self._current_perspective is None \ or self._menubar.GetMenuCount() == 0: return # replace or add a new menu for the current plugin pos = self._menubar.FindMenu(str(self._applications_menu_name)) if pos == -1 and self._applications_menu_pos > 0: pos = self._applications_menu_pos if pos != -1: menu_list = self._current_perspective.populate_menu(self) if menu_list: for (menu, name) in menu_list: self._menubar.Replace(pos, menu, name) self._applications_menu_name = name self._applications_menu_pos = pos else: self._menubar.Remove(pos) self._applications_menu_name = None self._applications_menu_pos = -1 else: menu_list = self._current_perspective.populate_menu(self) if menu_list: for (menu, name) in menu_list: if self._applications_menu_pos == -1: # Find the Analysis position and insert just after it analysis_pos = self._menubar.FindMenu("Analysis") if analysis_pos == -1: self._menubar.Append(menu, name) self._applications_menu_pos = -1 else: self._menubar.Insert(analysis_pos+1, menu, name) self._applications_menu_pos = analysis_pos + 1 else: self._menubar.Insert(self._applications_menu_pos, menu, name) self._applications_menu_name = name def _on_marketplace_click(self, event): """ Click event for the help menu item linking to the Marketplace. """ import webbrowser webbrowser.open_new(config.marketplace_url) def _add_help_menu(self): """ add help menu to menu bar. Includes welcome page, about page, tutorial PDF and documentation pages. """ self._help_menu = wx.Menu() wx_id = wx.NewId() self._help_menu.Append(wx_id, '&Documentation', '') wx.EVT_MENU(self, wx_id, self._onSphinxDocs) if config._do_tutorial and (IS_WIN or sys.platform == 'darwin'): wx_id = wx.NewId() self._help_menu.Append(wx_id, '&Tutorial', 'Software tutorial') wx.EVT_MENU(self, wx_id, self._onTutorial) if config._do_acknowledge: wx_id = wx.NewId() self._help_menu.Append(wx_id, '&Acknowledge', 'Acknowledging SasView') wx.EVT_MENU(self, wx_id, self._onAcknowledge) if config._do_aboutbox:"Doing help menu") wx_id = wx.NewId() self._help_menu.Append(wx_id, '&About', 'Software information') wx.EVT_MENU(self, wx_id, self._onAbout) if config.marketplace_url: wx_id = wx.NewId() self._help_menu.Append(wx_id, '&Model marketplace', '') wx.EVT_MENU(self, wx_id, self._on_marketplace_click) # Checking for updates wx_id = wx.NewId() self._help_menu.Append(wx_id, '&Check for update', 'Check for the latest version of %s' % config.__appname__) wx.EVT_MENU(self, wx_id, self._check_update) self._menubar.Append(self._help_menu, '&Help') def _add_menu_view(self): """ add menu items under view menu """ if not VIEW_MENU: return self._view_menu = wx.Menu() wx_id = wx.NewId() hint = "Display the Grid Window for batch results etc." self._view_menu.Append(wx_id, '&Show Grid Window', hint) wx.EVT_MENU(self, wx_id, self.show_batch_frame) self._view_menu.AppendSeparator() style = self.__gui_style & GUIFRAME.MANAGER_ON wx_id = wx.NewId() self._data_panel_menu = self._view_menu.Append(wx_id, '&Show Data Explorer', '') wx.EVT_MENU(self, wx_id, self.show_data_panel) if style == GUIFRAME.MANAGER_ON: self._data_panel_menu.SetText('Hide Data Explorer') else: self._data_panel_menu.SetText('Show Data Explorer') self._view_menu.AppendSeparator() wx_id = wx.NewId() style1 = self.__gui_style & GUIFRAME.TOOLBAR_ON if style1 == GUIFRAME.TOOLBAR_ON: self._toolbar_menu = self._view_menu.Append(wx_id, '&Hide Toolbar', '') else: self._toolbar_menu = self._view_menu.Append(wx_id, '&Show Toolbar', '') wx.EVT_MENU(self, wx_id, self._on_toggle_toolbar) if custom_config is not None: self._view_menu.AppendSeparator() wx_id = wx.NewId() hint_ss = "Select the current/default configuration " hint_ss += "as a startup setting" preference_menu = self._view_menu.Append(wx_id, 'Startup Setting', hint_ss) wx.EVT_MENU(self, wx_id, self._on_preference_menu) wx_id = wx.NewId() self._view_menu.AppendSeparator() self._view_menu.Append(wx_id, 'Category Manager', 'Edit model categories') wx.EVT_MENU(self, wx_id, self._on_category_manager) self._menubar.Append(self._view_menu, '&View')
[docs] def show_batch_frame(self, event=None): """ show the grid of result """ # Show(False) before Show(True) in order to bring it to the front self.batch_frame.Show(False) self.batch_frame.Show(True)
[docs] def on_category_panel(self, event): """ On cat panel """ self._on_category_manager(event)
def _on_category_manager(self, event): """ Category manager frame """ frame = CategoryManager(self, -1, 'Model Category Manager') icon = self.GetIcon() frame.SetIcon(icon) def _on_preference_menu(self, event): """ Build a panel to allow to edit Mask """ from sas.sasgui.guiframe.startup_configuration \ import StartupConfiguration as ConfDialog dialog = ConfDialog(parent=self, gui=self.__gui_style) result = dialog.ShowModal() if result == wx.ID_OK: dialog.write_custom_config() # post event for info wx.PostEvent(self, StatusEvent(status="Wrote custom configuration", info='info')) dialog.Destroy() def _add_menu_application(self): """ # Attach a menu item for each defined perspective or application. # Only add the perspective menu if there are more than one perspectives add menu application """ if self._num_perspectives > 1: plug_data_count = False plug_no_data_count = False self._applications_menu = wx.Menu() pos = 0 separator = self._applications_menu.AppendSeparator() for plug in self.plugins: if len(plug.get_perspective()) > 0: id = wx.NewId() if plug.use_data(): self._applications_menu.InsertCheckItem(pos, id, plug.sub_menu, "Switch to analysis: %s" % plug.sub_menu) plug_data_count = True pos += 1 else: plug_no_data_count = True self._applications_menu.AppendCheckItem(id, plug.sub_menu, "Switch to analysis: %s" % plug.sub_menu) wx.EVT_MENU(self, id, plug.on_perspective) if not plug_data_count or not plug_no_data_count: self._applications_menu.RemoveItem(separator) # Windows introduces a "Window" menu item during the layout process # somehow. We want it to be next to the last item with Help as # last. However Analysis gets stuck after Window in normal ordering # so force it to be next after the Tools menu item. Should we add # another menu item will need to check if this is still where we # want Analysis. This is NOT an issue on the Mac which does not # have the extra Window menu item. # March 2016 Code Camp -- PDB Tools_pos = self._menubar.FindMenu("Tools") self._menubar.Insert(Tools_pos+1, self._applications_menu, '&Analysis') self._check_applications_menu() def _populate_file_menu(self): """ Insert menu item under file menu """ for plugin in self.plugins: if len(plugin.populate_file_menu()) > 0: for item in plugin.populate_file_menu(): m_name, m_hint, m_handler = item wx_id = wx.NewId() self._file_menu.Append(wx_id, m_name, m_hint) wx.EVT_MENU(self, wx_id, m_handler) self._file_menu.AppendSeparator() style1 = self.__gui_style & GUIFRAME.MULTIPLE_APPLICATIONS if OPEN_SAVE_MENU: wx_id = wx.NewId() hint_load_file = "read all analysis states saved previously" self._save_appl_menu = self._file_menu.Append(wx_id, '&Open Project', hint_load_file) wx.EVT_MENU(self, wx_id, self._on_open_state_project) if style1 == GUIFRAME.MULTIPLE_APPLICATIONS: # some menu of plugin to be seen under file menu hint_load_file = "Read a status files and load" hint_load_file += " them into the analysis" wx_id = wx.NewId() self._save_appl_menu = self._file_menu.Append(wx_id, '&Open Analysis', hint_load_file) wx.EVT_MENU(self, wx_id, self._on_open_state_application) if OPEN_SAVE_MENU: self._file_menu.AppendSeparator() wx_id = wx.NewId() self._file_menu.Append(wx_id, '&Save Project', 'Save the state of the whole analysis') wx.EVT_MENU(self, wx_id, self._on_save_project) if style1 == GUIFRAME.MULTIPLE_APPLICATIONS: wx_id = wx.NewId() txt = '&Save Analysis' txt2 = 'Save state of the current active analysis panel' self._save_appl_menu = self._file_menu.Append(wx_id, txt, txt2) wx.EVT_MENU(self, wx_id, self._on_save_application) if not sys.platform == 'darwin': self._file_menu.AppendSeparator() wx_id = wx.NewId() self._file_menu.Append(wx_id, '&Quit', 'Exit') wx.EVT_MENU(self, wx_id, self.Close) def _add_menu_file(self): """ add menu file """ # File menu self._file_menu = wx.Menu() # Add sub menus self._menubar.Append(self._file_menu, '&File') def _add_menu_edit(self): """ add menu edit """ if not EDIT_MENU: return # Edit Menu self._edit_menu = wx.Menu() self._edit_menu.Append(GUIFRAME_ID.UNDO_ID, '&Undo', 'Undo the previous action') wx.EVT_MENU(self, GUIFRAME_ID.UNDO_ID, self.on_undo_panel) self._edit_menu.Append(GUIFRAME_ID.REDO_ID, '&Redo', 'Redo the previous action') wx.EVT_MENU(self, GUIFRAME_ID.REDO_ID, self.on_redo_panel) self._edit_menu.AppendSeparator() self._edit_menu.Append(GUIFRAME_ID.COPY_ID, '&Copy Params', 'Copy parameter values') wx.EVT_MENU(self, GUIFRAME_ID.COPY_ID, self.on_copy_panel) self._edit_menu.Append(GUIFRAME_ID.PASTE_ID, '&Paste Params', 'Paste parameter values') wx.EVT_MENU(self, GUIFRAME_ID.PASTE_ID, self.on_paste_panel) self._edit_menu.AppendSeparator() self._edit_menu_copyas = wx.Menu() # Sub menu for Copy As... self._edit_menu_copyas.Append(GUIFRAME_ID.COPYEX_ID, 'Copy current tab to Excel', 'Copy parameter values in tabular format') wx.EVT_MENU(self, GUIFRAME_ID.COPYEX_ID, self.on_copy_panel) self._edit_menu_copyas.Append(GUIFRAME_ID.COPYLAT_ID, 'Copy current tab to LaTeX', 'Copy parameter values in tabular format') wx.EVT_MENU(self, GUIFRAME_ID.COPYLAT_ID, self.on_copy_panel) self._edit_menu.AppendMenu(GUIFRAME_ID.COPYAS_ID, 'Copy Params as...', self._edit_menu_copyas, 'Copy parameter values in various formats') self._edit_menu.AppendSeparator() self._edit_menu.Append(GUIFRAME_ID.PREVIEW_ID, '&Report Results', 'Preview current panel') wx.EVT_MENU(self, GUIFRAME_ID.PREVIEW_ID, self.on_preview_panel) self._edit_menu.Append(GUIFRAME_ID.RESET_ID, '&Reset Page', 'Reset current panel') wx.EVT_MENU(self, GUIFRAME_ID.RESET_ID, self.on_reset_panel) self._menubar.Append(self._edit_menu, '&Edit') self.enable_edit_menu()
[docs] def get_style(self): """ Return the gui style """ return self.__gui_style
def _add_menu_data(self): """ Add menu item item data to menu bar """ if self._data_plugin is not None: menu_list = self._data_plugin.populate_menu(self) if menu_list: for (menu, name) in menu_list: self._menubar.Append(menu, name) def _on_toggle_toolbar(self, event=None): """ hide or show toolbar """ if self._toolbar is None: return if self._toolbar.IsShown(): if self._toolbar_menu is not None: self._toolbar_menu.SetItemLabel('Show Toolbar') self._toolbar.Hide() else: if self._toolbar_menu is not None: self._toolbar_menu.SetItemLabel('Hide Toolbar') self._toolbar.Show() self._toolbar.Realize() def _on_status_event(self, evt): """ Display status message """ # This CallAfter fixes many crashes on MAC. wx.CallAfter(, evt)
[docs] def on_view(self, evt): """ A panel was selected to be shown. If it's not already shown, display it. :param evt: menu event """ panel_id = str(evt.GetId()) self.on_set_plot_focus(self.panels[panel_id]) wx.CallLater(5 * TIME_FACTOR, self.set_schedule(True)) self.set_plot_unfocus()
[docs] def show_welcome_panel(self, event): """ Display the welcome panel """ if self.defaultPanel is None: return frame = self.panels['default'].get_frame() if frame is None: return # Show default panel if not frame.IsShown(): frame.Show(True)
[docs] def on_close_welcome_panel(self): """ Close the welcome panel """ if self.defaultPanel is None: return default_panel = self.panels["default"].frame if default_panel.IsShown(): default_panel.Show(False)
[docs] def delete_panel(self, uid): """ delete panel given uid """ ID = str(uid) config.printEVT("delete_panel: %s" % ID) if ID in self.panels.keys(): self.panel_on_focus = None panel = self.panels[ID] if hasattr(panel, "connect"): panel.connect.disconnect() self._plotting_plugin.delete_panel(panel.group_id) if panel in self.schedule_full_draw_list: self.schedule_full_draw_list.remove(panel) # delete uid number not str(uid) if ID in self.plot_panels.keys(): del self.plot_panels[ID] if ID in self.panels.keys(): del self.panels[ID] else: logging.error("delete_panel: No such plot id as %s" % ID)
[docs] def create_gui_data(self, data, path=None): """ """ return self._data_manager.create_gui_data(data, path)
[docs] def get_data(self, path): """ """ log_msg = '' basename = os.path.basename(path) _, extension = os.path.splitext(basename) if extension.lower() not in EXTENSIONS: log_msg = "File Loader cannot " log_msg += "load: %s\n" % str(basename) log_msg += "Try Data opening...." logging.error(log_msg) return # reading a state file for plug in self.plugins: reader, ext = plug.get_extensions() if reader is not None: # read the state of the single plugin if extension == ext: return elif extension == APPLICATION_STATE_EXTENSION: try: except: msg = "DataLoader Error: Encounted Non-ASCII character" msg += "\n(%s)" % sys.exc_value wx.PostEvent(self, StatusEvent(status=msg, info="error", type="stop")) return style = self.__gui_style & GUIFRAME.MANAGER_ON if style == GUIFRAME.MANAGER_ON: if self._data_panel is not None: self._data_panel.frame.Show(True)
[docs] def load_from_cmd(self, path): """ load data from cmd or application """ if path is None: return else: path = os.path.abspath(path) if not os.path.isfile(path) and not os.path.isdir(path): return if os.path.isdir(path): self.load_folder(path) return basename = os.path.basename(path) _, extension = os.path.splitext(basename) if extension.lower() not in EXTENSIONS: self.load_data(path) else: self.load_state(path) self._default_save_location = os.path.dirname(path)
[docs] def load_state(self, path, is_project=False): """ load data from command line or application """ if path and (path is not None) and os.path.isfile(path): basename = os.path.basename(path) if APPLICATION_STATE_EXTENSION is not None \ and basename.endswith(APPLICATION_STATE_EXTENSION): if is_project: for ID in self.plot_panels.keys(): panel = self.plot_panels[ID] panel.on_close(None) self.get_data(path) wx.PostEvent(self, StatusEvent(status="Completed loading.")) else: wx.PostEvent(self, StatusEvent(status=" "))
[docs] def load_data(self, path): """ load data from command line """ if not os.path.isfile(path): return basename = os.path.basename(path) _, extension = os.path.splitext(basename) if extension.lower() in EXTENSIONS: log_msg = "Data Loader cannot " log_msg += "load: %s\n" % str(path) log_msg += "Try File opening ...." logging.error(log_msg) return log_msg = '' output = {} error_message = "" try:"Loading Data...:\n" + str(path) + "\n") temp = self.loader.load(path) if temp.__class__.__name__ == "list": for item in temp: data = self.create_gui_data(item, path) output[] = data else: data = self.create_gui_data(temp, path) output[] = data self.add_data(data_list=output) except: error_message = "Error while loading" error_message += " Data from cmd:\n %s\n" % str(path) error_message += str(sys.exc_value) + "\n" logging.error(error_message)
[docs] def load_folder(self, path): """ Load entire folder """ if not os.path.isdir(path): return if self._data_plugin is None: return try: if path is not None: self._default_save_location = os.path.dirname(path) file_list = self._data_plugin.get_file_path(path) self._data_plugin.get_data(file_list) else: return except: error_message = "Error while loading" error_message += " Data folder from cmd:\n %s\n" % str(path) error_message += str(sys.exc_value) + "\n" logging.error(error_message)
def _on_open_state_application(self, event): """ """ path = None if self._default_save_location is None: self._default_save_location = os.getcwd() wx.PostEvent(self, StatusEvent(status="Loading Analysis file...")) plug_wlist = self._on_open_state_app_helper() dlg = wx.FileDialog(self, "Choose a file", self._default_save_location, "", plug_wlist) if dlg.ShowModal() == wx.ID_OK: path = dlg.GetPath() if path is not None: self._default_save_location = os.path.dirname(path) dlg.Destroy() self.load_state(path=path) def _on_open_state_app_helper(self): """ Helps '_on_open_state_application()' to find the extension of the current perspective/application """ # No current perspective or no extension attr if self._current_perspective is None: return PLUGINS_WLIST try: # Find the extension of the perspective # and get that as 1st item in list ind = None app_ext = self._current_perspective._extensions plug_wlist = config.PLUGINS_WLIST for ext in set(plug_wlist): if ext.count(app_ext) > 0: ind = ext break # Found the extension if ind is not None: plug_wlist.remove(ind) plug_wlist.insert(0, ind) try: plug_wlist = '|'.join(plug_wlist) except: plug_wlist = '' except: plug_wlist = PLUGINS_WLIST return plug_wlist def _on_open_state_project(self, event): """ Load in a .svs project file after removing all data from SasView """ path = None if self._default_save_location is None: self._default_save_location = os.getcwd() msg = "This operation will set remove all data, plots and analyses from" msg += " SasView before loading the project. Do you wish to continue?" msg_box = wx.MessageDialog(None, msg, 'Warning', wx.OK | wx.CANCEL) if msg_box.ShowModal() == wx.ID_OK: self._data_panel.selection_cbox.SetValue('Select all Data') self._data_panel._on_selection_type(None) for _, theory_dict in self._data_panel.list_cb_theory.iteritems(): for key, value in theory_dict.iteritems(): item, _, _ = value item.Check(True) wx.PostEvent(self, StatusEvent(status="Loading Project file...")) dlg = wx.FileDialog(self, "Choose a file", self._default_save_location, "", APPLICATION_WLIST) if dlg.ShowModal() == wx.ID_OK: path = dlg.GetPath() if path is not None: self._default_save_location = os.path.dirname(path) dlg.Destroy() # Reset to a base state self._on_reset_state() self._data_panel.on_remove(None, False) # Load the project file self.load_state(path=path, is_project=True) def _on_reset_state(self): """ Resets SasView to its freshly opened state. :return: None """ # Reset all plugins to their base state self._data_panel.set_panel_on_focus() # Remove all loaded data for plugin in self.plugins: plugin.clear_panel() # Reset plot number to 0 self.graph_num = 0 def _on_save_application(self, event): """ save the state of the current active application """ if self.cpanel_on_focus is not None: try: wx.PostEvent(self, StatusEvent(status="Saving Analysis file...")) self.cpanel_on_focus.on_save(event) wx.PostEvent(self, StatusEvent(status="Completed saving.")) except Exception: msg = "Error occurred while saving: " msg += traceback.format_exc() msg += "To save, the application panel should have a data set.." wx.PostEvent(self, StatusEvent(status=msg)) def _on_save_project(self, event): """ save the state of the SasView as *.svs """ if self._current_perspective is None: return wx.PostEvent(self, StatusEvent(status="Saving Project file...")) path = None extension = '*' + APPLICATION_STATE_EXTENSION dlg = wx.FileDialog(self, "Save Project file", self._default_save_location, "sasview_proj", extension, wx.SAVE) if dlg.ShowModal() == wx.ID_OK: path = dlg.GetPath() self._default_save_location = os.path.dirname(path) else: return None dlg.Destroy() try: if path is None: return # default cansas xml doc doc = None for panel in self.panels.values(): temp = panel.save_project(doc) if temp is not None: doc = temp # Write the XML document extens = APPLICATION_STATE_EXTENSION fName = os.path.splitext(path)[0] + extens if doc is not None: fd = open(fName, 'w') fd.write(doc.toprettyxml()) fd.close() wx.PostEvent(self, StatusEvent(status="Completed Saving.")) else: msg = "Error occurred while saving the project: " msg += "To save, at least one application panel " msg += "should have a data set " msg += "and model selected. " msg += "No project was saved to %s" % (str(path)) logging.warning(msg) wx.PostEvent(self, StatusEvent(status=msg, info="error")) except Exception: msg = "Error occurred while saving: " msg += traceback.format_exc() msg += "To save, at least one application panel " msg += "should have a data set.." wx.PostEvent(self, StatusEvent(status=msg, info="error"))
[docs] def on_save_helper(self, doc, reader, panel, path): """ Save state into a file """ if reader is not None: # case of a panel with multi-pages if hasattr(panel, "opened_pages"): for _, page in panel.opened_pages.iteritems(): data = page.get_data() # state must be cloned state = page.get_state().clone() if data is not None: new_doc = reader.write_toXML(data, state) if doc is not None and hasattr(doc, "firstChild"): child = new_doc.firstChild.firstChild doc.firstChild.appendChild(child) else: doc = new_doc # case of only a panel else: data = panel.get_data() state = panel.get_state() if data is not None: new_doc = reader.write_toXML(data, state) if doc is not None and hasattr(doc, "firstChild"): child = new_doc.firstChild.firstChild doc.firstChild.appendChild(child) else: doc = new_doc return doc
[docs] def quit_guiframe(self): """ Pop up message to make sure the user wants to quit the application """ message = "\nDo you really want to exit this application? \n\n" dial = wx.MessageDialog(self, message, 'Confirm Exit', wx.YES_NO | wx.YES_DEFAULT | wx.ICON_QUESTION) if dial.ShowModal() == wx.ID_YES: return True else: return False
[docs] def WindowClose(self, event=None): """ Quit the application from x icon """ flag = self.quit_guiframe() if flag: _pylab_helpers.Gcf.figs = {} self.Close()
[docs] def Close(self, event=None): """ Quit the application """ #IF SAS_OPENCL is set, settings are stored in the custom config file self._write_opencl_config_file()" --- SasView session was closed --- \n") wx.Exit() sys.exit()
def _write_opencl_config_file(self): """ Writes OpenCL settings to custom config file, so they can be remmbered from session to session """ if custom_config is not None: sas_opencl = os.environ.get("SAS_OPENCL",None) new_config_lines = [] config_file = open(custom_config.__file__) config_lines = config_file.readlines() for line in config_lines: if "SAS_OPENCL" in line: if sas_opencl: new_config_lines.append("SAS_OPENCL = \""+sas_opencl+"\"") else: new_config_lines.append("SAS_OPENCL = None") else: new_config_lines.append(line) config_file.close() #If custom_config is None, settings will not be remmbered new_config_file = open(custom_config.__file__,"w") new_config_file.writelines(new_config_lines) new_config_file.close() else:"Failed to save OPENCL settings in custom config file") def _check_update(self, event=None): """ Check with the deployment server whether a new version of the application is available. A thread is started for the connecting with the server. The thread calls a call-back method when the current version number has been obtained. """ version_info = {"version": "0.0.0"} c = Connection(config.__update_URL__, config.UPDATE_TIMEOUT) response = c.connect() if response is not None: try: # content ="Connected to Latest version: %s" % (content)) version_info = json.loads(content) except:"Failed to connect to") self._process_version(version_info, standalone=event is None) def _process_version(self, version_info, standalone=True): """ Call-back method for the process of checking for updates. This methods is called by a VersionThread object once the current version number has been obtained. If the check is being done in the background, the user will not be notified unless there's an update. :param version: version string :param standalone: True of the update is being checked in the background, False otherwise. """ try: version = version_info["version"] if version == "0.0.0": msg = "Could not connect to the application server." msg += " Please try again later." self.SetStatusText(msg) elif cmp(version, config.__version__) > 0: msg = "Version %s is available! " % str(version) if not standalone: import webbrowser if "download_url" in version_info:["download_url"]) else: else: msg += "See the help menu to download it." self.SetStatusText(msg) else: if not standalone: msg = "You have the latest version" msg += " of %s" % str(config.__appname__) self.SetStatusText(msg) except: msg = "guiframe: could not get latest application" msg += " version number\n %s" % sys.exc_value logging.error(msg) if not standalone: msg = "Could not connect to the application server." msg += " Please try again later." self.SetStatusText(msg) def _onAcknowledge(self, evt): """ Pop up the acknowledge dialog :param evt: menu event """ if config._do_acknowledge: import sas.sasgui.guiframe.acknowledgebox as AcknowledgeBox dialog = AcknowledgeBox.DialogAcknowledge(None, -1, "") dialog.ShowModal() def _onAbout(self, evt): """ Pop up the about dialog :param evt: menu event """ if config._do_aboutbox: import sas.sasgui.guiframe.aboutbox as AboutBox dialog = AboutBox.DialogAbout(None, -1, "") dialog.ShowModal() def _onTutorial(self, evt): """ Pop up the tutorial dialog :param evt: menu event """ if config._do_tutorial: path = config.TUTORIAL_PATH if IS_WIN: try: from sas.sasgui.guiframe.pdfview import PDFFrame dialog = PDFFrame(None, -1, "Tutorial", path) # put icon self.put_icon(dialog) dialog.Show(True) except: logging.error("Error in _onTutorial: %s" % sys.exc_value) try: # Try an alternate method logging.error( "Could not open the tutorial pdf, trying xhtml2pdf") from xhtml2pdf import pisa pisa.startViewer(path) except: logging.error( "Could not open the tutorial pdf with xhtml2pdf") msg = "This feature requires 'PDF Viewer'\n" wx.MessageBox(msg, 'Error') else: try: command = "open '%s'" % path os.system(command) except: try: # Try an alternate method logging.error( "Could not open the tutorial pdf, trying xhtml2pdf") from xhtml2pdf import pisa pisa.startViewer(path) except: logging.error( "Could not open the tutorial pdf with xhtml2pdf") msg = "This feature requires the Preview application\n" wx.MessageBox(msg, 'Error') def _onSphinxDocs(self, evt): """ Bring up Sphinx Documentation at top level whenever the menu item 'documentation' is clicked. Calls DocumentationWindow with the top level path of "index.html" :param evt: menu event """ # Running SasView "in-place" using means the docs will be in a # different place than they would otherwise. from documentation_window import DocumentationWindow _TreeLocation = "user/user.html" DocumentationWindow(self, -1, _TreeLocation, "", "SasView Documentation")
[docs] def set_manager(self, manager): """ Sets the application manager for this frame :param manager: frame manager """ self.app_manager = manager
[docs] def post_init(self): """ This initialization method is called after the GUI has been created and all plug-ins loaded. It calls the post_init() method of each plug-in (if it exists) so that final initialization can be done. """ for item in self.plugins: if hasattr(item, "post_init"): item.post_init()
[docs] def set_perspective(self, panels): """ Sets the perspective of the GUI. Opens all the panels in the list, and closes all the others. :param panels: list of panels """ for item in self.panels.keys(): # Check whether this is a sticky panel if hasattr(self.panels[item], "ALWAYS_ON"): if self.panels[item].ALWAYS_ON: continue if self.panels[item] is None: continue if self.panels[item].window_name in panels: frame = self.panels[item].get_frame() if not frame.IsShown(): frame.Show(True) else: # always show the data panel if enable style = self.__gui_style & GUIFRAME.MANAGER_ON if (style == GUIFRAME.MANAGER_ON) \ and self.panels[item] == self._data_panel: if 'data_panel' in self.panels.keys(): frame = self.panels['data_panel'].get_frame() if frame is None: continue flag = frame.IsShown() frame.Show(flag) else: frame = self.panels[item].get_frame() if frame is None: continue if frame.IsShown(): frame.Show(False)
[docs] def show_data_panel(self, event=None, action=True): """ show the data panel """ if self._data_panel_menu is None: return label = self._data_panel_menu.GetText() pane = self.panels["data_panel"] frame = pane.get_frame() if label == 'Show Data Explorer': if action: frame.Show(True) self.__gui_style = self.__gui_style | GUIFRAME.MANAGER_ON self._data_panel_menu.SetText('Hide Data Explorer') else: if action: frame.Show(False) self.__gui_style = self.__gui_style & (~GUIFRAME.MANAGER_ON) self._data_panel_menu.SetText('Show Data Explorer')
[docs] def add_data_helper(self, data_list): """ """ if self._data_manager is not None: self._data_manager.add_data(data_list)
[docs] def add_data(self, data_list): """ receive a dictionary of data from loader store them its data manager if possible send to data the current active perspective if the data panel is not active. :param data_list: dictionary of data's ID and value Data """ # Store data into manager self.add_data_helper(data_list) # set data in the data panel if self._data_panel is not None: data_state = self._data_manager.get_data_state(data_list.keys()) self._data_panel.load_data_list(data_state) # if the data panel is shown wait for the user to press a button # to send data to the current perspective. if the panel is not # show automatically send the data to the current perspective style = self.__gui_style & GUIFRAME.MANAGER_ON if style == GUIFRAME.MANAGER_ON: # wait for button press from the data panel to set_data if self._data_panel is not None: self._data_panel.frame.Show(True) else: # automatically send that to the current perspective self.set_data(data_id=data_list.keys())
[docs] def set_data(self, data_id, theory_id=None): """ set data to current perspective """ list_data, _ = self._data_manager.get_by_id(data_id) if self._current_perspective is not None: self._current_perspective.set_data(list_data.values()) else: msg = "Guiframe does not have a current perspective"
[docs] def set_theory(self, state_id, theory_id=None): """ """ _, list_theory = self._data_manager.get_by_id(theory_id) if self._current_perspective is not None: try: self._current_perspective.set_theory(list_theory.values()) except: msg = "Guiframe set_theory: \n" + str(sys.exc_value) wx.PostEvent(self, StatusEvent(status=msg, info="error")) else: msg = "Guiframe does not have a current perspective"
[docs] def plot_data(self, state_id, data_id=None, theory_id=None, append=False): """ send a list of data to plot """ data_list, _ = self._data_manager.get_by_id(data_id) _, temp_list_theory = self._data_manager.get_by_id(theory_id) total_plot_list = data_list.values() for item in temp_list_theory.values(): theory_data, theory_state = item total_plot_list.append(theory_data) GROUP_ID = wx.NewId() for new_plot in total_plot_list: if append: if self.panel_on_focus is None: message = "cannot append plot. No plot panel on focus!" message += "please click on any available plot to set focus" wx.PostEvent(self, StatusEvent(status=message, info='warning')) return else: if self.enable_add_data(new_plot): new_plot.group_id = self.panel_on_focus.group_id else: message = "Only 1D Data can be append to" message += " plot panel containing 1D data.\n" message += "%s not be appended.\n" % str( message += "try new plot option.\n" wx.PostEvent(self, StatusEvent(status=message, info='warning')) else: # if not append then new plot from sas.sasgui.guiframe.dataFitting import Data2D if issubclass(Data2D, new_plot.__class__): # for 2 D always plot in a separated new plot new_plot.group_id = wx.NewId() else: # plot all 1D in a new plot new_plot.group_id = GROUP_ID title = "PLOT " + str(new_plot.title) wx.PostEvent(self, NewPlotEvent(plot=new_plot, title=title, group_id=new_plot.group_id))
[docs] def remove_data(self, data_id, theory_id=None): """ Delete data state if data_id is provide delete theory created with data of id data_id if theory_id is provide if delete all true: delete the all state else delete theory """ temp = data_id + theory_id for plug in self.plugins: plug.delete_data(temp) data_list, _ = self._data_manager.get_by_id(data_id) _, temp_list_theory = self._data_manager.get_by_id(theory_id) total_plot_list = data_list.values() for item in temp_list_theory.values(): theory_data, theory_state = item total_plot_list.append(theory_data) for new_plot in total_plot_list: for group_id in new_plot.list_group_id: wx.PostEvent(self, NewPlotEvent(, group_id=group_id, action='remove')) wx.CallAfter(self._remove_res_plot, self._data_manager.delete_data(data_id=data_id, theory_id=theory_id)
def _remove_res_plot(self, id): """ Try to remove corresponding res plot : param id: id of the data """ try: wx.PostEvent(self, NewPlotEvent(id=("res" + str(id)), group_id=("res" + str(id)), action='remove')) except: logging.error(sys.exc_value)
[docs] def save_data1d(self, data, fname): """ Save data dialog """ default_name = fname wildcard = "Text files (*.txt)|*.txt|"\ "CanSAS 1D files(*.xml)|*.xml" path = None dlg = wx.FileDialog(self, "Choose a file", self._default_save_location, default_name, wildcard, wx.SAVE) if dlg.ShowModal() == wx.ID_OK: path = dlg.GetPath() # ext_num = 0 for .txt, ext_num = 1 for .xml # This is MAC Fix ext_num = dlg.GetFilterIndex() if ext_num == 0: ext_format = '.txt' else: ext_format = '.xml' path = os.path.splitext(path)[0] + ext_format mypath = os.path.basename(path) # Instantiate a loader loader = Loader() ext_format = ".txt" if os.path.splitext(mypath)[1].lower() == ext_format: # Make sure the ext included in the file name # especially on MAC fName = os.path.splitext(path)[0] + ext_format self._onsaveTXT(data, fName) ext_format = ".xml" if os.path.splitext(mypath)[1].lower() == ext_format: # Make sure the ext included in the file name # especially on MAC fName = os.path.splitext(path)[0] + ext_format, data, ext_format) try: self._default_save_location = os.path.dirname(path) except: pass dlg.Destroy()
def _onsaveTXT(self, data, path): """ Save file as txt .. todo:: Refactor and remove this method. See 'TODO' in _onSave. """ if path is not None: out = open(path, 'w') has_errors = True if data.dy is None or data.dy == []: has_errors = False # Sanity check if has_errors: try: if len(data.y) != len(data.dy): has_errors = False except: has_errors = False if has_errors: if data.dx is not None and data.dx != []: out.write("<X> <Y> <dY> <dX>\n") else: out.write("<X> <Y> <dY>\n") else: out.write("<X> <Y>\n") for i in range(len(data.x)): if has_errors: if data.dx is not None and data.dx != []: if data.dx[i] is not None: out.write("%g %g %g %g\n" % (data.x[i], data.y[i], data.dy[i], data.dx[i])) else: out.write("%g %g %g\n" % (data.x[i], data.y[i], data.dy[i])) else: out.write("%g %g %g\n" % (data.x[i], data.y[i], data.dy[i])) else: out.write("%g %g\n" % (data.x[i], data.y[i])) out.close()
[docs] def show_data1d(self, data, name): """ Show data dialog """ try: xmin = min(data.x) ymin = min(data.y) except: msg = "Unable to find min/max of \n data named %s" % \ data.filename wx.PostEvent(self, StatusEvent(status=msg, info="error")) raise ValueError, msg # text = str(data) text = data.__str__() text += 'Data Min Max:\n' text += 'X_min = %s: X_max = %s\n' % (xmin, max(data.x)) text += 'Y_min = %s: Y_max = %s\n' % (ymin, max(data.y)) if data.dy is not None: text += 'dY_min = %s: dY_max = %s\n' % (min(data.dy), max(data.dy)) text += '\nData Points:\n' x_st = "X" for index in range(len(data.x)): if data.dy is not None and len(data.dy) > index: dy_val = data.dy[index] else: dy_val = 0.0 if data.dx is not None and len(data.dx) > index: dx_val = data.dx[index] else: dx_val = 0.0 if data.dxl is not None and len(data.dxl) > index: if index == 0: x_st = "Xl" dx_val = data.dxl[index] elif data.dxw is not None and len(data.dxw) > index: if index == 0: x_st = "Xw" dx_val = data.dxw[index] if index == 0: text += "<index> \t<X> \t<Y> \t<dY> \t<d%s>\n" % x_st text += "%s \t%s \t%s \t%s \t%s\n" % (index, data.x[index], data.y[index], dy_val, dx_val) from pdfview import TextFrame frame = TextFrame(None, -1, "Data Info: %s" %, text) # put icon self.put_icon(frame) frame.Show(True)
[docs] def save_data2d(self, data, fname): """ Save data2d dialog """ default_name = fname wildcard = "IGOR/DAT 2D file in Q_map (*.dat)|*.DAT" dlg = wx.FileDialog(self, "Choose a file", self._default_save_location, default_name, wildcard, wx.SAVE) if dlg.ShowModal() == wx.ID_OK: path = dlg.GetPath() # ext_num = 0 for .txt, ext_num = 1 for .xml # This is MAC Fix ext_num = dlg.GetFilterIndex() if ext_num == 0: ext_format = '.dat' else: ext_format = '' path = os.path.splitext(path)[0] + ext_format mypath = os.path.basename(path) # Instantiate a loader loader = Loader() ext_format = ".dat" if os.path.splitext(mypath)[1].lower() == ext_format: # Make sure the ext included in the file name # especially on MAC fileName = os.path.splitext(path)[0] + ext_format, data, ext_format) try: self._default_save_location = os.path.dirname(path) except: pass dlg.Destroy()
[docs] def show_data2d(self, data, name): """ Show data dialog """ wx.PostEvent(self, StatusEvent(status="Gathering Data2D Info.", type='start')) text = data.__str__() text += 'Data Min Max:\n' text += 'I_min = %s\n' % min( text += 'I_max = %s\n\n' % max( text += 'Data (First 2501) Points:\n' text += 'Data columns include err(I).\n' text += 'ASCII data starts here.\n' text += "<index> \t<Qx> \t<Qy> \t<I> \t<dI> \t<dQparal> \t<dQperp>\n" di_val = 0.0 dx_val = 0.0 dy_val = 0.0 len_data = len(data.qx_data) for index in xrange(0, len_data): x_val = data.qx_data[index] y_val = data.qy_data[index] i_val =[index] if data.err_data is not None: di_val = data.err_data[index] if data.dqx_data is not None: dx_val = data.dqx_data[index] if data.dqy_data is not None: dy_val = data.dqy_data[index] text += "%s \t%s \t%s \t%s \t%s \t%s \t%s\n" % (index, x_val, y_val, i_val, di_val, dx_val, dy_val) # Takes too long time for typical data2d: Break here if index >= 2500: text += ".............\n" break from pdfview import TextFrame frame = TextFrame(None, -1, "Data Info: %s" %, text) # put icon self.put_icon(frame) frame.Show(True) wx.PostEvent(self, StatusEvent(status="Data2D Info Displayed", type='stop'))
[docs] def set_current_perspective(self, perspective): """ set the current active perspective """ self._current_perspective = perspective name = "No current analysis selected" if self._current_perspective is not None: self._add_current_plugin_menu() for panel in self.panels.values(): if hasattr(panel, 'CENTER_PANE') and panel.CENTER_PANE: for name in self._current_perspective.get_perspective(): frame = panel.get_frame() if frame is not None: if name == panel.window_name: panel.on_set_focus(event=None) frame.Show(True) else: frame.Show(False) name = self._current_perspective.sub_menu if self._data_panel is not None: self._data_panel.set_active_perspective(name) self._check_applications_menu() # Set the SasView title self._set_title_name(name)
def _set_title_name(self, name): """ Set the SasView title w/ the current application name : param name: application name [string] """ # Set SanView Window title w/ application anme title = self.title + " - " + name + " -" self.SetTitle(title) def _check_applications_menu(self): """ check the menu of the current application """ if self._applications_menu is not None: for menu in self._applications_menu.GetMenuItems(): if self._current_perspective is not None: name = self._current_perspective.sub_menu if menu.IsCheckable(): if menu.GetLabel() == name: menu.Check(True) else: menu.Check(False)
[docs] def enable_add_data(self, new_plot): """ Enable append data on a plot panel """ if self.panel_on_focus \ not in self._plotting_plugin.plot_panels.values(): return check = "Theory1D" is_theory = len(self.panel_on_focus.plots) <= 1 and \ self.panel_on_focus.plots.values()[0].__class__.__name__ == check is_data2d = hasattr(new_plot, 'data') is_data1d = self.panel_on_focus.__class__.__name__ == "ModelPanel1D"\ and self.panel_on_focus.group_id is not None has_meta_data = hasattr(new_plot, 'meta_data') # disable_add_data if the data is being recovered from a saved state is_state_data = False if has_meta_data: if 'invstate' in new_plot.meta_data: is_state_data = True if 'prstate' in new_plot.meta_data: is_state_data = True if 'fitstate' in new_plot.meta_data: is_state_data = True return is_data1d and not is_data2d and not is_theory \ and not is_state_data
[docs] def check_multimode(self, perspective=None): """ Check the perspective have batch mode capablitity """ if perspective is None or self._data_panel is None: return flag = perspective.get_batch_capable() flag_on = perspective.batch_on if flag: self._data_panel.rb_single_mode.SetValue(not flag_on) self._data_panel.rb_batch_mode.SetValue(flag_on) else: self._data_panel.rb_single_mode.SetValue(True) self._data_panel.rb_batch_mode.SetValue(False) self._data_panel.rb_single_mode.Enable(flag) self._data_panel.rb_batch_mode.Enable(flag)
[docs] def enable_edit_menu(self): """ enable menu item under edit menu depending on the panel on focus """ if self.cpanel_on_focus is not None and self._edit_menu is not None: flag = self.cpanel_on_focus.get_undo_flag() self._edit_menu.Enable(GUIFRAME_ID.UNDO_ID, flag) flag = self.cpanel_on_focus.get_redo_flag() self._edit_menu.Enable(GUIFRAME_ID.REDO_ID, flag) flag = self.cpanel_on_focus.get_copy_flag() self._edit_menu.Enable(GUIFRAME_ID.COPY_ID, flag) flag = self.cpanel_on_focus.get_paste_flag() self._edit_menu.Enable(GUIFRAME_ID.PASTE_ID, flag) # Copy menu flag = self.cpanel_on_focus.get_copy_flag() self._edit_menu_copyas.Enable(GUIFRAME_ID.COPYEX_ID, flag) self._edit_menu_copyas.Enable(GUIFRAME_ID.COPYLAT_ID, flag) flag = self.cpanel_on_focus.get_preview_flag() self._edit_menu.Enable(GUIFRAME_ID.PREVIEW_ID, flag) flag = self.cpanel_on_focus.get_reset_flag() self._edit_menu.Enable(GUIFRAME_ID.RESET_ID, flag) else: flag = False self._edit_menu.Enable(GUIFRAME_ID.UNDO_ID, flag) self._edit_menu.Enable(GUIFRAME_ID.REDO_ID, flag) self._edit_menu.Enable(GUIFRAME_ID.COPY_ID, flag) self._edit_menu.Enable(GUIFRAME_ID.PASTE_ID, flag) self._edit_menu.Enable(GUIFRAME_ID.PREVIEW_ID, flag) self._edit_menu.Enable(GUIFRAME_ID.RESET_ID, flag)
[docs] def on_undo_panel(self, event=None): """ undo previous action of the last panel on focus if possible """ if self.cpanel_on_focus is not None: self.cpanel_on_focus.on_undo(event)
[docs] def on_redo_panel(self, event=None): """ redo the last cancel action done on the last panel on focus """ if self.cpanel_on_focus is not None: self.cpanel_on_focus.on_redo(event)
[docs] def on_copy_panel(self, event=None): """ copy the last panel on focus if possible """ if self.cpanel_on_focus is not None: self.cpanel_on_focus.on_copy(event)
[docs] def on_paste_panel(self, event=None): """ paste clipboard to the last panel on focus """ if self.cpanel_on_focus is not None: self.cpanel_on_focus.on_paste(event)
[docs] def on_bookmark_panel(self, event=None): """ bookmark panel """ if self.cpanel_on_focus is not None: self.cpanel_on_focus.on_bookmark(event)
[docs] def append_bookmark(self, event=None): """ Bookmark available information of the panel on focus """ self._toolbar.append_bookmark(event)
[docs] def on_save_panel(self, event=None): """ save possible information on the current panel """ if self.cpanel_on_focus is not None: self.cpanel_on_focus.on_save(event)
[docs] def on_preview_panel(self, event=None): """ preview information on the panel on focus """ if self.cpanel_on_focus is not None: self.cpanel_on_focus.on_preview(event)
[docs] def on_print_panel(self, event=None): """ print available information on the last panel on focus """ if self.cpanel_on_focus is not None: self.cpanel_on_focus.on_print(event)
[docs] def on_zoom_panel(self, event=None): """ zoom on the current panel if possible """ if self.cpanel_on_focus is not None: self.cpanel_on_focus.on_zoom(event)
[docs] def on_zoom_in_panel(self, event=None): """ zoom in of the panel on focus """ if self.cpanel_on_focus is not None: self.cpanel_on_focus.on_zoom_in(event)
[docs] def on_zoom_out_panel(self, event=None): """ zoom out on the panel on focus """ if self.cpanel_on_focus is not None: self.cpanel_on_focus.on_zoom_out(event)
[docs] def on_drag_panel(self, event=None): """ drag apply to the panel on focus """ if self.cpanel_on_focus is not None: self.cpanel_on_focus.on_drag(event)
[docs] def on_reset_panel(self, event=None): """ reset the current panel """ if self.cpanel_on_focus is not None: self.cpanel_on_focus.on_reset(event)
[docs] def on_change_caption(self, name, old_caption, new_caption): """ Change the panel caption :param name: window_name of the pane :param old_caption: current caption [string] :param new_caption: new caption [string] """ # wx.aui.AuiPaneInfo pane_info = self.get_paneinfo(old_caption) # update the data_panel.cb_plotpanel if 'data_panel' in self.panels.keys(): # remove from data_panel combobox data_panel = self.panels["data_panel"] if data_panel.cb_plotpanel is not None: # Check if any panel has the same caption has_newstring = data_panel.cb_plotpanel.FindString( str(new_caption)) caption = new_caption if has_newstring != wx.NOT_FOUND: captions = self._get_plotpanel_captions() # Append nummber inc = 1 # FIXME: fix this terrible loop while (1): caption = new_caption + '_%s' % str(inc) if caption not in captions: break inc += 1 # notify to users msg = "Found Same Title: Added '_%s'" % str(inc) wx.PostEvent(self, StatusEvent(status=msg)) # update data_panel cb pos = data_panel.cb_plotpanel.FindString(str(old_caption)) if pos != wx.NOT_FOUND: data_panel.cb_plotpanel.SetString(pos, caption) data_panel.cb_plotpanel.SetStringSelection(caption) # New Caption pane_info.SetTitle(caption) return caption
[docs] def get_paneinfo(self, name): """ Get pane Caption from window_name :param name: window_name in AuiPaneInfo :returns: AuiPaneInfo of the name """ for panel in self.plot_panels.values(): if panel.frame.GetTitle() == name: return panel.frame return None
[docs] def enable_undo(self): """ enable undo related control """ if self.cpanel_on_focus is not None: self._toolbar.enable_undo(self.cpanel_on_focus)
[docs] def enable_redo(self): """ enable redo """ if self.cpanel_on_focus is not None: self._toolbar.enable_redo(self.cpanel_on_focus)
[docs] def enable_copy(self): """ enable copy related control """ if self.cpanel_on_focus is not None: self._toolbar.enable_copy(self.cpanel_on_focus)
[docs] def enable_paste(self): """ enable paste """ if self.cpanel_on_focus is not None: self._toolbar.enable_paste(self.cpanel_on_focus)
[docs] def enable_bookmark(self): """ Bookmark """ if self.cpanel_on_focus is not None: self._toolbar.enable_bookmark(self.cpanel_on_focus)
[docs] def enable_save(self): """ save """ if self.cpanel_on_focus is not None: self._toolbar.enable_save(self.cpanel_on_focus)
[docs] def enable_preview(self): """ preview """ if self.cpanel_on_focus is not None: self._toolbar.enable_preview(self.cpanel_on_focus)
[docs] def enable_print(self): """ print """ if self.cpanel_on_focus is not None: self._toolbar.enable_print(self.cpanel_on_focus)
[docs] def enable_zoom(self): """ zoom """ if self.cpanel_on_focus is not None: self._toolbar.enable_zoom(self.panel_on_focus)
[docs] def enable_zoom_in(self): """ zoom in """ if self.cpanel_on_focus is not None: self._toolbar.enable_zoom_in(self.panel_on_focus)
[docs] def enable_zoom_out(self): """ zoom out """ if self.cpanel_on_focus is not None: self._toolbar.enable_zoom_out(self.panel_on_focus)
[docs] def enable_drag(self, event=None): """ drag """
# Not implemeted
[docs] def enable_reset(self): """ reset the current panel """ if self.cpanel_on_focus is not None: self._toolbar.enable_reset(self.panel_on_focus)
[docs] def get_toolbar_height(self): """ """ size_y = 0 if self.GetToolBar() is not None and self.GetToolBar().IsShown(): if not IS_LINUX: _, size_y = self.GetToolBar().GetSizeTuple() return size_y
[docs] def set_schedule_full_draw(self, panel=None, func='del'): """ Add/subtract the schedule full draw list with the panel given :param panel: plot panel :param func: append or del [string] """ # append this panel in the schedule list if not in yet if func == 'append': if panel not in self.schedule_full_draw_list: self.schedule_full_draw_list.append(panel) # remove this panel from schedule list elif func == 'del': if len(self.schedule_full_draw_list) > 0: if panel in self.schedule_full_draw_list: self.schedule_full_draw_list.remove(panel) # reset the schdule if len(self.schedule_full_draw_list) == 0: self.schedule = False else: self.schedule = True
[docs] def full_draw(self): """ Draw the panels with axes in the schedule to full dwar list """ count = len(self.schedule_full_draw_list) # if not self.schedule: if count < 1: self.set_schedule(False) return else: ind = 0 # if any of the panel is shown do full_draw for panel in self.schedule_full_draw_list: ind += 1 if panel.frame.IsShown(): break # otherwise, return if ind == count: return # Simple redraw only for a panel shown def f_draw(panel): """ Draw A panel in the full draw list """ try: # This checking of GetCapture is to stop redrawing # while any panel is capture. frame = panel.frame if not frame.GetCapture(): # draw if possible panel.set_resizing(False) # panel.Show(True) panel.draw_plot() # Check if the panel is not shown flag = frame.IsShown() frame.Show(flag) except: pass # Draw all panels if count == 1: f_draw(self.schedule_full_draw_list[0]) else: map(f_draw, self.schedule_full_draw_list) # Reset the attr if len(self.schedule_full_draw_list) == 0: self.set_schedule(False) else: self.set_schedule(True)
[docs] def set_schedule(self, schedule=False): """ Set schedule """ self.schedule = schedule
[docs] def get_schedule(self): """ Get schedule """ return self.schedule
[docs] def on_set_plot_focus(self, panel): """ Set focus on a plot panel """ if panel is None: return # self.set_plot_unfocus() panel.on_set_focus(None) # set focusing panel self.panel_on_focus = panel self.set_panel_on_focus(None)
[docs] def set_plot_unfocus(self): """ Un focus all plot panels """ for plot in self.plot_panels.values(): plot.on_kill_focus(None)
[docs] def get_window_size(self): """ Get window size :returns: size :rtype: tuple """ width, height = self.GetSizeTuple() if not IS_WIN: # Subtract toolbar height to get real window side if self._toolbar.IsShown(): height -= 45 return (width, height)
def _onDrawIdle(self, *args, **kwargs): """ ReDraw with axes """ try: # check if it is time to redraw if self.GetCapture() is None: # Draw plot, changes resizing too self.full_draw() except: pass # restart idle self._redraw_idle(*args, **kwargs) def _redraw_idle(self, *args, **kwargs): """ Restart Idle """ # restart idle self.idletimer.Restart(100 * TIME_FACTOR, *args, **kwargs)
[docs]class DefaultPanel(wx.Panel, PanelBase): """ Defines the API for a panels to work with the GUI manager """ # Internal nickname for the window, used by the AUI manager window_name = "default" # Name to appear on the window title bar window_caption = "Welcome panel" # Flag to tell the AUI manager to put this panel in the center pane CENTER_PANE = True def __init__(self, parent, *args, **kwds): wx.Panel.__init__(self, parent, *args, **kwds) PanelBase.__init__(self, parent)
[docs]class SasViewApp(wx.App): """ SasView application """
[docs] def OnInit(self): """ When initialised """ pos, size, self.is_max = self.window_placement((GUIFRAME_WIDTH, GUIFRAME_HEIGHT)) self.frame = ViewerFrame(parent=None, title=APPLICATION_NAME, pos=pos, gui_style=DEFAULT_STYLE, size=size) self.frame.Hide() if not IS_WIN: self.frame.EnableCloseButton(False) self.s_screen = None try: self.open_file() except: msg = "%s Could not load " % str(APPLICATION_NAME) msg += "input file from command line.\n" logging.error(msg) # Display a splash screen on top of the frame. try: if os.path.isfile(SPLASH_SCREEN_PATH): self.s_screen = \ self.display_splash_screen(parent=self.frame, path=SPLASH_SCREEN_PATH) else: self.frame.Show() except: if self.s_screen is not None: self.s_screen.Close() msg = "Cannot display splash screen\n" msg += str(sys.exc_value) logging.error(msg) self.frame.Show() self.SetTopWindow(self.frame) return True
[docs] def maximize_win(self): """ Maximize the window after the frame shown """ if self.is_max: if self.frame.IsShown(): # Max window size self.frame.Maximize(self.is_max)
[docs] def open_file(self): """ open a state file at the start of the application """ input_file = None if len(sys.argv) >= 2: cmd = sys.argv[0].lower() basename = os.path.basename(cmd) app_base = str(APPLICATION_NAME).lower() if os.path.isfile(cmd) or basename.lower() == app_base: app_py = app_base + '.py' app_exe = app_base + '.exe' app_app = app_base + '.app' if basename.lower() in [app_py, app_exe, app_app, app_base]: data_base = sys.argv[1] input_file = os.path.normpath(os.path.join(DATAPATH, data_base)) if input_file is None: return if self.frame is not None: self.frame.set_input_file(input_file=input_file)
[docs] def clean_plugin_models(self, path): """ Delete plugin models in app folder :param path: path of the plugin_models folder in app """ # do it only the first time app loaded # delete unused model folder model_folder = os.path.join(PATH_APP, path) if os.path.exists(model_folder) and os.path.isdir(model_folder): if len(os.listdir(model_folder)) > 0: try: for filename in os.listdir(model_folder): file_path = os.path.join(model_folder, filename) if os.path.isfile(file_path): os.remove(file_path) except: logging.error("gui_manager.clean_plugin_models:\n %s" % sys.exc_value)
[docs] def set_manager(self, manager): """ Sets a reference to the application manager of the GUI manager (Frame) """ self.frame.set_manager(manager)
[docs] def build_gui(self): """ Build the GUI """ # try to load file at the start self.open_file() self.frame.build_gui()
[docs] def set_welcome_panel(self, panel_class): """ Set the welcome panel :param panel_class: class of the welcome panel to be instantiated """ self.frame.welcome_panel_class = panel_class
[docs] def add_perspective(self, perspective): """ Manually add a perspective to the application GUI """ self.frame.add_perspective(perspective)
[docs] def window_placement(self, size): """ Determines the position and size of the application frame such that it fits on the user's screen without obstructing (or being obstructed by) the Windows task bar. The maximum initial size in pixels is bounded by WIDTH x HEIGHT. For most monitors, the application will be centered on the screen; for very large monitors it will be placed on the left side of the screen. """ is_maximized = False # Get size of screen without for screenCount in range(wx.Display().GetCount()): screen = wx.Display(screenCount) if screen.IsPrimary(): displayRect = screen.GetClientArea() break posX, posY, displayWidth, displayHeight = displayRect customWidth, customHeight = size # If the custom size is default, set 90% of the screen size if customWidth <= 0 and customHeight <= 0: if customWidth == 0 and customHeight == 0: is_maximized = True customWidth = displayWidth * 0.9 customHeight = displayHeight * 0.9 else: # If the custom screen is bigger than the # window screen than make maximum size if customWidth > displayWidth: customWidth = displayWidth if customHeight > displayHeight: customHeight = displayHeight # Note that when running Linux and using an Xming (X11) server on a PC # with a dual monitor configuration, the reported display size may be # that of both monitors combined with an incorrect display count of 1. # To avoid displaying this app across both monitors, we check for # screen 'too big'. If so, we assume a smaller width which means the # application will be placed towards the left hand side of the screen. # If dual screen registered as 1 screen. Make width half. # MAC just follows the default behavior of pos if IS_WIN: if displayWidth > (displayHeight * 2): if customWidth == displayWidth: customWidth = displayWidth / 2 # and set the position to be the corner of the screen. posX = 0 posY = 0 # Make the position the middle of the screen. (Not 0,0) else: posX = (displayWidth - customWidth) / 2 posY = (displayHeight - customHeight) / 2 # Return the suggested position and size for the application frame. return (posX, posY), (customWidth, customHeight), is_maximized
[docs] def display_splash_screen(self, parent, path=SPLASH_SCREEN_PATH): """Displays the splash screen. It will exactly cover the main frame.""" # Prepare the picture. On a 2GHz intel cpu, this takes about a second. image = wx.Image(path, wx.BITMAP_TYPE_PNG) image.Rescale(SPLASH_SCREEN_WIDTH, SPLASH_SCREEN_HEIGHT, wx.IMAGE_QUALITY_HIGH) bm = image.ConvertToBitmap() # Create and show the splash screen. It will disappear only when the # program has entered the event loop AND either the timeout has expired # or the user has left clicked on the screen. Thus any processing # performed in this routine (including sleeping) or processing in the # calling routine (including doing imports) will prevent the splash # screen from disappearing. # # Note that on Linux, the timeout appears to occur immediately in which # case the splash screen disappears upon entering the event loop. s_screen = wx.SplashScreen(bitmap=bm, splashStyle=(wx.SPLASH_TIMEOUT | wx.SPLASH_CENTRE_ON_SCREEN), style=(wx.SIMPLE_BORDER | wx.FRAME_NO_TASKBAR | wx.FRAME_FLOAT_ON_PARENT), milliseconds=SS_MAX_DISPLAY_TIME, parent=parent, id=wx.ID_ANY) from sas.sasgui.guiframe.gui_statusbar import SPageStatusbar statusBar = SPageStatusbar(s_screen) s_screen.SetStatusBar(statusBar) s_screen.Bind(wx.EVT_CLOSE, self.on_close_splash_screen) s_screen.Show() return s_screen
[docs] def on_close_splash_screen(self, event): """ When the splash screen is closed. """ self.frame.Show(True) event.Skip() self.maximize_win()
[docs]class MDIFrame(CHILD_FRAME): """ Frame for panels """ def __init__(self, parent, panel, title="Untitled", size=(300, 200)): """ comment :param parent: parent panel/container """ # Initialize the Frame object CHILD_FRAME.__init__(self, parent=parent, id=wx.ID_ANY, title=title, size=size) self.parent = parent = "Untitled" self.batch_on = self.parent.batch_on self.panel = panel if panel is not None: self.set_panel(panel) self.Show(False)
[docs] def show_data_panel(self, action): """ Turns on the data panel The the data panel is optional. Most of its functions can be performed from the menu bar and from the plots. """ self.parent.show_data_panel(action)
[docs] def set_panel(self, panel): """ """ self.panel = panel = panel.window_name self.SetTitle(panel.window_caption) self.SetHelpText(panel.help_string) width, height = self.parent._get_panels_size(panel) if hasattr(panel, "CENTER_PANE") and panel.CENTER_PANE: width *= 0.6 self.SetSize((width, height)) self.parent.put_icon(self) self.Bind(wx.EVT_SET_FOCUS, self.set_panel_focus) self.Bind(wx.EVT_CLOSE, self.OnClose) self.Show(False)
[docs] def set_panel_focus(self, event): """ """ if self.parent.panel_on_focus != self.panel: self.panel.SetFocus() self.parent.panel_on_focus = self.panel
[docs] def OnClose(self, event): """ On Close event """ self.panel.on_close(event)
if __name__ == "__main__": app = SasViewApp(0) app.MainLoop()