Source code for sas.sasgui.guiframe.local_perspectives.plotting.sector_mask

    Sector mask interactor
import math
import wx
#from copy import deepcopy
from BaseInteractor import _BaseInteractor
from SectorSlicer import SideInteractor
from SectorSlicer import LineInteractor
from import SlicerParameterEvent

[docs]class SectorMask(_BaseInteractor): """ Draw a sector slicer.Allow to find the data 2D inside of the sector lines """ def __init__(self, base, axes, color='gray', zorder=3, side=False): """ """ _BaseInteractor.__init__(self, base, axes, color=color) ## Class initialization self.markers = [] self.axes = axes self.is_inside = side ## connect the plot to event self.connect = self.base.connect ## compute qmax limit to reset the graph x = math.pow(max(, math.fabs(, 2) y = math.pow(max(, math.fabs(, 2) self.qmax = math.sqrt(x + y) ## Number of points on the plot self.nbins = 20 ## Angle of the middle line self.theta2 = math.pi / 3 ## Absolute value of the Angle between the middle line and any side line self.phi = math.pi / 12 ## Middle line self.main_line = LineInteractor(self, self.base.subplot, color='blue', zorder=zorder, r=self.qmax, theta=self.theta2) self.main_line.qmax = self.qmax ## Right Side line self.right_line = SideInteractor(self, self.base.subplot, color='gray', zorder=zorder, r=self.qmax, phi=-1 * self.phi, theta2=self.theta2) self.right_line.qmax = self.qmax ## Left Side line self.left_line = SideInteractor(self, self.base.subplot, color='gray', zorder=zorder, r=self.qmax, phi=self.phi, theta2=self.theta2) self.left_line.qmax = self.qmax ## draw the sector self.update() self._post_data()
[docs] def clear(self): """ Clear the slicer and all connected events related to this slicer """ self.clear_markers() self.main_line.clear() self.left_line.clear() self.right_line.clear() self.base.connect.clearall()
[docs] def update(self): """ Respond to changes in the model by recalculating the profiles and resetting the widgets. """ # Update locations ## Check if the middle line was dragged and #update the picture accordingly if self.main_line.has_move: self.main_line.update() self.right_line.update(delta=-self.left_line.phi / 2, mline=self.main_line.theta) self.left_line.update(delta=self.left_line.phi / 2, mline=self.main_line.theta) ## Check if the left side has moved and update the slicer accordingly if self.left_line.has_move: self.main_line.update() self.left_line.update(phi=None, delta=None, mline=self.main_line, side=True, left=True) self.right_line.update(phi=self.left_line.phi, delta=None, mline=self.main_line, side=True, left=False, right=True) ## Check if the right side line has moved and #update the slicer accordingly if self.right_line.has_move: self.main_line.update() self.right_line.update(phi=None, delta=None, mline=self.main_line, side=True, left=False, right=True) self.left_line.update(phi=self.right_line.phi, delta=None, mline=self.main_line, side=True, left=False) #if self.is_inside != None: out = self._post_data() return out
[docs] def save(self, ev): """ Remember the roughness for this layer and the next so that we can restore on Esc. """ self.base.freeze_axes()
def _post_data(self): """ compute sector averaging of data into data1D """ ## get the data to average data = # If we have no data, just return if data == None: return ## Averaging from sas.sascalc.dataloader.manipulations import Sectorcut phimin = -self.left_line.phi + self.main_line.theta phimax = self.left_line.phi + self.main_line.theta mask = Sectorcut(phi_min=phimin, phi_max=phimax) if self.is_inside: out = (mask(data) == False) else: out = (mask(data)) return out
[docs] def moveend(self, ev): """ Called a dragging motion ends.Get slicer event """ self.base.thaw_axes() ## Post parameters event = SlicerParameterEvent() event.type = self.__class__.__name__ event.params = self.get_params() ## Send slicer paramers to plotter2D wx.PostEvent(self.base, event) self._post_data()
[docs] def restore(self): """ Restore the roughness for this layer. """ self.main_line.restore() self.left_line.restore() self.right_line.restore()
[docs] def move(self, x, y, ev): """ Process move to a new position, making sure that the move is allowed. """ pass
[docs] def set_cursor(self, x, y): pass
[docs] def get_params(self): """ Store a copy of values of parameters of the slicer into a dictionary. :return params: the dictionary created """ params = {} ## Always make sure that the left and the right line are at phi ## angle of the middle line if math.fabs(self.left_line.phi) != math.fabs(self.right_line.phi): msg = "Phi left and phi right are " msg += "different %f, %f" % (self.left_line.phi, self.right_line.phi) raise ValueError, msg params["Phi"] = self.main_line.theta params["Delta_Phi"] = math.fabs(self.left_line.phi) return params
[docs] def set_params(self, params): """ Receive a dictionary and reset the slicer with values contained in the values of the dictionary. :param params: a dictionary containing name of slicer parameters and values the user assigned to the slicer. """ main = params["Phi"] phi = math.fabs(params["Delta_Phi"]) self.main_line.theta = main ## Reset the slicer parameters self.main_line.update() self.right_line.update(phi=phi, delta=None, mline=self.main_line, side=True, right=True) self.left_line.update(phi=phi, delta=None, mline=self.main_line, side=True) ## post the new corresponding data self._post_data()
[docs] def freeze_axes(self): """ """ self.base.freeze_axes()
[docs] def thaw_axes(self): """ """ self.base.thaw_axes()
[docs] def draw(self): """ """ self.base.update()