Environment Variables

SasView creates and uses a number of environment variables:

    • sets the directory containing custom models

  • SAS_DLL_PATH=path
    • sets the path to the compiled modules

  • SAS_WEIGHTS_PATH=~/.sasview/weights
  • XDG_CACHE_HOME=~/.cache
    • sets the pyopencl cache root (linux only)

    • defined in the appdirs package

  • SAS_COMPILER=tinycc|msvc|mingw|unix
    • sets the DLL compiler

  • SAS_OPENCL=vendor:device|none
    • sets the target OpenCL device for GPU computations

    • use none to disable

  • SAS_OPENMP=1|0
    • turns on/off OpenMP multi-processing of the DLLs

Document History

2018-07-20 Steve King