Image Viewer Tool


This tool loads image files and displays them as 2D (x-y coordinate against counts per pixel). The plot can then can be saved, printed, and copied. The plot can also be resized by dragging the corner of the panel.

The supported input image formats are:

  • BMP (bitmap format)

  • GIF (graphical interchange format)

  • JPG (joint photographic experts group format)

  • PNG (portable network graphics format)

  • TIF (tagged image format)

Using the tool

  1. Select Image Viewer from the Tool menu on the SasView toolbar.

  1. Click on Load Image in the File menu and select a file. If the loading is successful the image will be displayed.

  1. To save, print, or copy the image, or to apply a grid overlay, right-click anywhere in the plot.

  1. If the image is taken from a 2D detector, SasView can attempt to convert the colour/grey scale into pseudo-intensity 2D data using

    z = (0.299 x R) + (0.587 x G) + (0.114 x B)

    unless the image is formatted as 8-bit grey-scale TIF.

  2. In the Convert to Data dialog from the Image menu, set the parameters relevant to the data and then click the OK.



This help document was last changed by Piotr Rozyczko, 10 May 2019