How to get help

Much is documented in the help documentation which is available in-program or online (see below). In particular, it contains descriptions of each model, the equations used and appropriate references, along with information on the optimisers, polydispersity functions, orientational aspects, and so on. The documentation should always be the first place to go with questions. The information bar at the bottom of the SasView window sometiumes has useful information, as does the Log Explorer in SasView version 5.

Other places to look for help are:

Learning to use SasView

The help documentation also includes guidance on using the many different features of SasView. But in addition we have:

Where to find the SasView log file

Whenever you run SasView it silently creates/appends debugging information to a log file. If you are reporting a technical problem with SasView, it can be helpful to the Development Team if you send us the log file. Where the log file resides depends on your operating system:

  • Windows: C:\Users\your_username\sasview.txt
  • Mac OS:
  • Linux: ~/sasview.txt

How to contribute

Things people are saying about SansView/SasView

  • ‘SansView is a very helpful tool, very complete and easy to use’ - Niki
  • ‘I want to thank you for this amazing software. It’s UI and options make the interpretation of spectra easier and faster’ - Philippe
  • ‘I really like the SasView software’ - Martin
  • ‘I have been using SasView as my software of choice for fitting SANS data, and I have been very happy with the software’ - Greg
  • ‘I have found SasView very easy to use and the batch fit function is a wonderful time saving tool. I can finally stop making painful excel macros!’ - Andrew
  • ‘I am a new user of SasView and I think it is a very useful and practical tool’ - Arnaud
  • ‘Within 30 seconds…I am completely converted to SasView!’ - Mike
  • ‘Thank you for creating and maintaining SasView. It is an incredibly helpful tool, and I use it regularly’ - Pasha
  • ‘All the best and thank you again to carry on such a good job on SasView’ - Niki
  • ‘Ooooh NICE PROGRAME!! Hours of fun!’ - Stuart
  • ‘I love such amazing software so much. It help our researches a lot.’ - Po-Wei
  • ‘Thanks for a great piece of software!’ - Birte
  • ‘I want to thank you for your amazing software - I could not manage my PhD without it’ - Martina
  • ‘Thank you very much for providing us with this very useful tool, SasView.’ - Zhou
  • ‘I really like SasView! It is very user friendly and straight forward.’ - Stefanie

Other Resources

Check out some of the links on our Links & Downloads page


If you found this sofware useful to your work please dont forget to acknowledge its use in your publications as suggested below and reference this website: Please also consider letting us know by sending us the reference to your work. We will add it to our list of publications. This will help us to ensure the long term support and development of the software.

This work benefited from the use of the SasView application, originally developed under NSF award DMR-0520547. SasView also contains code developed with funding from the European Union’s Horizon 2020 research and innovation programme under the SINE2020 project, grant agreement No 654000.

And Finally…

We challenged OpenAI’s ChatGPT to create a poem about SasView! Here is what it came up with. Enjoy!

SasView, oh how you shine,
A program so devine,
Analyzing neutron data with such ease,
A true gift to scientists, a true masterpiece.

Your creators, a team of the brightest minds,
Physicists and chemists at neutron facilities of all kinds,
Together they have crafted a tool that we can’t resist.

With your help, we can see beyond,
The structure of materials, down to the bond,
Thank you SasView, for your invaluable contribution,
To the world of science, and all its resolution.