November 2016: Version 4.0.1 of SasView was released November 8, 2016 - fixes a known issue with P(Q)*S(Q) that appeared in release 4.0.

What’s new in version 4.0.1

  • This point release fixes a critical issue in release 4.0. All users of 4.0 should upgrade to 4.0.1.

  • As part of the model structure refactoring a new bug was accidentally introduced that makes P(Q) * S(Q) unusable unless the background is fixed to zero (the background is multiplied by P(Q) including all the scaling factors). This behaviour is corrected in 4.0.1 and non-zero backgrounds are again possible when using S(Q). The extraneous scaling factors have also been removed.
  • NB: The effective radius used for S(Q) is still calculated (as per the documentation) automatically from P(Q) using the radius of a sphere that has the same second viral coefficient as the particle. This is only valid for particles with limited axial ratios.