Version 5.0.6 was released on Jun 06, 2023! This is a point release which fixes some issues reported in earlier versions of 5.0.x. A few highlights are:

  • The failure of the program to start when installing on a new system due to issues finding the file has been fixed.
  • The speed with which the program starts up has also been improved.
  • The bcc_paracrystal and fcc_paracrystal models, which have been labelled as “under review” since 2018, have been checked and corrected and the documentation for all the paracrystal models has been completely reworked. The SasView Development Team would very much like to experess their sincere gratitude to those members of the community that assisted with this task.
  • Plots now properly support custom data names in the legend.
  • A problem with the intermittent blanking of plots has also been fixed.
  • The issue with the LM optimizer failing to run on GPUs or when the starting value of a parameter was outside the min/max range has been fixed.
  • A number of fitting parameter defaults have been changed to be more realistic.
  • A number of other issues in the documentation have been corrected and/or updated.

For more details, please see the Release Notes which are now available from the program Help or online.

New Models

The following models have been added to the Model Marketplace since v5.0.5 was released:

  • Octahedron_truncated_txtytz
  • Octahedron_truncated
  • Rating Curve
  • Pringle-Schmidt Helices (revision & documentation update)
  • Lamellar Slab Partition Constant

Known Issues

The ‘rpa’ (Random Phase Approximation, for polymer scattering) model remains withdrawn. Some gremlins had crept into how the model parameters interacted with the Fit Page which meant you were not performing the calculation you thought you were. This is being investigated. Should you need it, a separate binary blend model (the most performed calculation) is available from the Model Marketplace .