SasView Development Workshop 2013

April 3-7, 2013

The SasView development workshop will be held at the NIST Center for Neutron Research from April 3 to 7, 2013. Representative from the institutions currently active on the SasView project will discuss the technical aspect of the SasView Small-angle Scattering Data Analysis program to set the direction of the project. New developers will have the opportunity to be trained by implementing new features during the workshop.

Organizers: Paul Butler (NIST), Andrew Jackson (ESS), Mathieu Doucet (ORNL)

Tentative agenda:

  • Tuesday April 2nd
    • Workshop preparation by the organizers
  • Wednesday April 3rd
    • Technical design overview
    • Development guideline
    • Build servers and code repository
  • Thursday April 4th to Friday April 5th
    • Coding projects TBD
  • Saturday April 6th
    • Morning: coding projects (continued)
    • Afternoon: long term vision discussion
  • Sunday April 7th
    • Coding project wrap up

Useful links:

Brief Report

The workshop brought together 13 developers from around the world and began the process of moving the development responsibilities from the original developers to a broader community while providing outputs which will form a significant fraction of the upgrades to the next release. The participants agreed that such a forum is highly useful not only to bring the development community together but to provide a framework for making significant progress on advancing the project.

Wednesday focused mostly on presentations giving an overview of the project and current design and on a discussion of potential projects. The rest of the meeting evolved into a “code camp” beginning with ensuring complete working installations of development systems on participant laptops. The participants agreed that the next code camp should occur within a year and hosted either in Australia or Europe. Meanwhile the project continues to host biweekly conference call meetings.

Added to the support for polarized beam and magnetic scattering, the upgrades coming out of this code camp will provide a very significant upgrade which will be released as version 3.0. These project include:

  • Changed GUI interface from AUI to MDI: complete
  • Allow for reading of GRASP .dat data: complete
  • provide a log q spacing option when choosing number of points to compute:complete
  • addition of a “pringle” shape model: complete except documentation
  • Added sum of pixel intensities in a box besides the average intensity: complete
  • Provide for a C model plugin interface: on-going
  • Complete rewrite of canSAS reader to better take advantage of format and include support for vers. 1.1: on-going
  • Fix of category management code: on-going