Version 4.2.2 was released on May 20, 2019 as a bug release to 4.2.0. This release fixes the known issues reported in 4.2.1: the inability to read in project files due to the fixes (changes) in the NXcanSAS reader, and the fact that the 2D resolution was only being applied to one quadrant.

For more details, please see the Release Notes which are now available from the program Help.


SasView Version 4.2.2, and all before it, were built using Python 2 which officially reached its End-of-Life on Jan 1, 2020. Before this happened we moved all development of SasView to Python 3, starting with version 5.0.0.

You are therefore advised that continued use of SasView 4 is now officially deprecated and we recommend that you migrate to the latest release version of SasView 5 at your earliest convenience. There is no active development of SasView 4, nor has there been since the release of SasView 5.

However, MacOS users should note that in order to run SasView 5 they may need to upgrade their version of OSX. Please read our Release Notes.

SasView 4 will continue to run on your computer as long as your operating system will allow it, but how long this will continue for is obviously outside of the control of the Development Team.