Version 5.0.3 was released on Jul 27, 2020! This is a point release which fixes several issues, but in particular:

  • a serious bug in the resolution smearing interface which was applying a single value of dq/q to all data points even if dq/q was provided in the data file;
  • a very long-standing bug in the Invariant Analysis interface which was computing specific surface (Sv) values that were twice what they should have been (The opportunity has also been taken to completely overhaul the documentation for the Invariant Analysis at the same time);
  • inconsistent and incorrect behaviour of the ‘is fittable’ checkbox for polydispersities which could lead to unrealistic PD values being returned during fitting.

With this release Windows users are no longer guided to install SasView to C:\Program Files. This had started to become an issue as some IT providers tightened their security settings, particularly under Windows 10, either causing installation to fail (unless the user could elevate permissions), or prevent SasView starting (‘failed to execute script sasview’). The installation process now prompts for the type of installation required, and defaults to C:\SasView-x.x.x

There are also several usability improvements, including better handling of constraints between datasets for simultaneous fits, and control over plots.

For more details, please see the Release Notes which are now available from the program Help.

Known Issues

At this time, and unlike version 4.x, only fitting and P(r) inversion sessions can be saved as project files.

Due to an oversight, the bundled documentation is still tagged as 5.0.2, but it does include documentation updates for 5.0.3. The 5.x documentation on the website is correctly tagged.