Version 5.0.4 was released on Apr 07, 2021! This is a point release which fixes several issues, but in particular:

  • A bug that had been around since 4.2.2 and which prevented Batch Fitting from using any dI values in the data file has finally been fixed. The consequence of this bug was that Single Fits and Batch Fits on the same datasets could return different parameters. Now, where present, dI values will always be used by default in both cases.

  • The bug introduced in 5.0.3 which prevented the plotting of Batch Fit results has also been fixed.

  • An issue with the behaviour of the 1D pinhole resolution smearing routine in cases of large divergence has been addressed.

  • A number of improvements have been made to plotting and plot management.

  • Several usability issues in the P(r) Inversion and Invariant Analysis perspectives have been addressed. Improvements have also been made to the functioning of Project Save/Load.

There are also some new features in this version:

  • Though not strictly a new feature, the functionality and operation of parameter constraints has been significantly overhauled for this version.

  • The slicer functionality has been significantly overhauled and made to work properly.

  • The slider bars on plots for selecting the q-range for fitting that featured in earlier versions of SasView have been re-introduced by popular request, although they do not yet work on linearized plots.

  • It is now possible to swap the dataset used to create an existing FitPage for a different dataset. This removes the need to re-generate a complex model (eg, featuring many parameters and/or constraints) many times over to use it to fit several datasets.

  • It is now also possible to assign custom names to loaded datasets, rather than just identifying the data by its filename. Right-click on a dataset in the Data Explorer to activate.

For more details, please see the Release Notes which are now available from the program Help.

Known Issues

At this time, the reinstated slider bars on plots for selecting the q-range for fitting do not work on linearized plots.

All the known bugs/feature requests can be found in the issues on github. Note the sasmodels issues are now separate from the sasview issues (i.e. different repositories)