Version 5.0.5 was released on Jun 03, 2022! This is a point release which fixes some issues reported in earlier versions of 5.0.x. A few highlights are:

  • The long standing issue with the Levenberg-Marquardt optimiser not respecting parameter bounds has been resolved by the move to a later version of the Bumps package.

  • A bug which prevented the radius_effective parameter from being updated in $P(Q)*S(Q)$ models when the data were resolution smeared has been fixed.

  • A bug that prevented the formation of composite mixture models with multiplicity (for example, models such as core_multi_shell*hardsphere + cylinder or core_multi_shell\@hardsphere + cylinder) has been fixed.

  • The button to reset the selected Q-limits for fitting now works again!

  • There has been a technical change to the point in the calculation at which the volume normalisation of $P(Q)*S(Q)$ models is applied by the move to a later version of the Sasmodels package. This change was actually incorporated into v5.0.4 but due to an oversight was omitted from the release notes at the time, although a note was added to the web version after the release. In most instances this change will go un-noticed unless you happen to be plotting the individual contributions of $P(Q)$ or $S(Q)$ and comparing them with similar calculations performed in versions of SasView before v5.0.4, at which point the scaling of the functions will be seen to be different.

There are also some new features in this version. Most notably:

  • The Generic Scattering Calculator Tool has been overhauled and its capabilities significantly expanded. In particular, it will now perform magnetic/polarised SANS computations. As part of this upgrade, coordinate data in some VTK formats are now also supported.

  • The data loaders have also been improved. SasView will now read CanSAS1D XML data files with multiple <SASdata> blocks in a single <SASentry>. And, by popular demand, 1D data can now be saved in CSV format. SESANS data files with the extension .sesans are now also recognised.

  • A Boucher-type interfacial profile function has been added to the spherical_sld model.

For more details, please see the Release Notes which are now available from the program Help or online.

New Models

The following models have been added to the Model Marketplace since v5.0.4 was released:

  • Magnetic Whirl
  • Maier-Saupe distribution
  • Cyclic Gaussian distribution
  • Superball Model - Neither Sphere nor Cube
  • OrientedMagneticChains

Known Issues

The ‘rpa’ (Random Phase Approximation, for polymer scattering) model has been temporarily withdrawn. Some gremlins had crept into how the model parameters interacted with the Fit Page which meant you were not performing the calculation you thought you were. This is being investigated. Should you need it, a separate binary blend model (the most performed calculation) is available from the Model Marketplace .