On June 13-14 2022, LINXS held a hybrid Magnetic SANS Workshop in Lund. Over the course of the Workshop some of the current research in the area, spanning diffraction to diffuse scattering, were presented and the software tools required to simplify the data analysis task were discussed. The SasView team presented its concept of an “open collaborative community-driven development” approach and the advantages this brings, along with recent developments targeted at the Magnetic SANS community. There was a feeling that the new developments in SasView were already quite useful and that there is potential for some further contributions. The community-driven concept was greatly appreciated by the workshop participants who enthusiastically suggested ideas for new workflows, model functions, meta-data storage, etc.

The LINXS workshop was immediately followed by a 3 day in-person Contributor Training Workshop/Hackathon in which a few of the LINXS participants, along with a couple of other new contributors, learned some of the basics of contributing to the project and used this knowledge to work on real projects.

It was quite exciting to see the old “Code Camp” dynamic back in play and we look forward now to the resumption of Code Camps and to working to empower the broader community to contribute to SasView