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Version 4

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Released on May 20, 2019.
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Version 5

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Released on April 7, 2021.
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A SAS Community Project launched from the NSF DANSE effort
SasView is a Small Angle Scattering Analysis Software Package, originally developed as part of the NSF DANSE project under the name SansView, now managed by an international collaboration of facilities. Feedback and contributions are welcome and encouraged.


SasView is hiring!

Thanks to support from the ISIS Pulsed Neutron & Muon Source, we now have a vacancy for a full-time research software engineer to work on SasView. The position will be part of a new Research Software Engineering Team based at ISIS. [Read More]
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Version 5.0.2

Version 5.0.2 was released on Apr 23, 2020! This is a point release which fixes several issues reported in version 5.0.1, however there are also some new features. [Read More]

SasView Code Camp X

SasView Code Camp X will be hosted at Caltech in Pasadena, CA (USA) from March 18 through 24th 2020. The SasView community wishes to thank Professor Julia Kornfield for her generous support of this activity. [Read More]
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Version 5.0.0

Version 5.0.0 was released on May 20, 2019! This Final release marks the first in the brand new 5.x SasView series. The 5.x series has a completely redesigned interface along with an important new feature: the beta approximation for concentrated systems. The 4.x series will continue to be supported for... [Read More]

Version 4.2.2

Version 4.2.2 was released on May 20, 2019 as a bug release to 4.2.0. This release fixes the known issues reported in 4.2.1: the inability to read in project files due to the fixes (changes) in the NXcanSAS reader, and the fact that the 2D resolution was only being applied... [Read More]

Version 4.2.1

Version 4.2.1 was released Feb 18, 2019 as a minor release to 4.2.0. The major changes in this release fix several problems with using the built in editor to create new models and to bring the NXcanSAS reader into compliance with the final published specification. A few other enhancements and... [Read More]