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Version 4

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Released on May 20, 2019.
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Version 5

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Released on April 7, 2021.
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A SAS Community Project launched from the NSF DANSE effort
SasView is a Small Angle Scattering Analysis Software Package, originally developed as part of the NSF DANSE project under the name SansView, now managed by an international collaboration of facilities. Feedback and contributions are welcome and encouraged.


SasView Code Camp IX

SasView Code Camp IX will be hosted by the ILL and held at the ESRF in Grenoble France March 25 - April 1, 2019. All parties interested in contributing to the SasView project (writing tutorials, documentation, verifying the math/science, coding from models to infrastructure, sys admin tasks etc) are welcome,... [Read More]

Version 4.2.0

Version 4.2.0 was released October 7, 2018 - includes a complete refactoring of how orientation is handled, the complete migration of plugin models to a new infrastructure, and new tutorials. Try it now! [Read More]

Version 5.0-beta.1

Version 5.0-beta.1 was released October 5, 2018 - a preview of what is to come! Python3/Qt5 compatible, with new enhanced GUIs and other improvements. Feedback welcome! Please note: This pre-release version is considered stable, but not necessarily bug-free. It is also feature incomplete.
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SasView Code Camp VII

SasView Code Camp VII was held at the ESS DMSC in Copenhagen, Denmark, October 23-29, 2017.
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